In-Home Covid-19 Elderly Care Is Still Important In California

In-Home Covid-19 Elderly Care Is Still Important in California

In mid-2022, life is better than it was in mid-2020 for most of us, but the coronavirus hasn’t gone away and in-home care is a key tool in our fight against it.

In-Home Care In Orange County, CA

Always Best Care of Newport Beach offers a range of in-home care services to elderly Californians. We offer personal care to help seniors with physical tasks of everyday self-care. We offer companion care to ease loneliness and depression that seniors might feel and help them alleviate and improve their emotional wellbeing. And we offer home helper services to help seniors with household chores and errands.

Covid-19 Elderly Care

The truth is we are not yet living in a post-pandemic world. This is especially important to remember when it comes to caring for the elderly. Seniors suffer severe symptoms from Covid-19 at significantly higher rates. Being vaccinated and boosted reduces the risk considerably, but it doesn’t completely remove risk. Always Best Care of Newport Beach can help secure Covid-19 vaccines for the elderly.

Is In-Home Care Safe With Regards To Covid-19?

Many senior care communities have suffered a lot over the past two years. Even well-run communities found containing the spread of coronavirus an insurmountable task. Because of this, many seniors and their families are wary of senior care communities and would prefer to receive the care they need in their own Orange County homes.

Interacting with just one or two caregivers in your own home carries with it a significantly lower exposure risk than living in a senior care community. The caregivers of Always Best Care of Newport Beach follow a stringent Covid-19 policy to minimize the chance of transmission.

Covid-19 Post-Hospitalization Home Care For The Elderly

Many seniors have had to be hospitalized because of coronavirus. But even when seniors recover enough to be discharged and are no longer contagious, their symptoms can carry on. It’s common for people who were hospitalized with Covid-19 to continue feeling fatigued, pained, and to have difficulty concentrating and focusing their minds for weeks and even months following their discharge.

That’s why Always Best Care of Newport Beach offers Covid-19 post-hospitalization home care for elderly Californians. We offer all our home care services to elderly people recovering from Covid. We’re happy to help for as long or as short a time as our clients need to step back into their lives after a bad case of Covid.

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