In-Home Care Services Available in Newport Beach, California

In-Home Care Services Available in Newport Beach, CA

Back in the bad old days, if an elderly member of your family needed regular care and assistance, that meant that you had to find a nursing home or a similar establishment into which they would have to move. Unless you were wealthy enough to hire your own personal nurse, that was it. Thankfully, today, that is not the case. In-home care services have made elder care more accessible, affordable, and convenient for seniors and their families all across the country. And in-home care services are available in Newport Beach, California.

Care for Seniors in Newport Beach

Today in places like Newport Beach, as well as much of California, seniors have lots of options when it comes to their care. It’s not as stark as a nursing home or nothing. For example, there are retirement communities, independent living communities, and assisted living communities. And all of these different types of senior care communities are great and can be the right fit for many seniors and their families.

But all of these options still require seniors to leave their homes. Homes in which they’ve lived for as long as decades.

  • What if seniors don’t want to leave their homes?
  • What is their other option?

In-Home Care Services in Newport Beach

In-home care services consist of care workers providing the care and services required in the already existing homes of the clients. For a lot of seniors, it makes no sense to move out of their homes and into an assisted living facility of some kind. In-home care services from Always Best Care of Newport Beach provide seniors and those living with disabilities the added care and assistance that they require in order to maintain their own lives in their own homes.

Companionship Services in Newport Beach

One category of in-home care is companion care. Companionship services are designed to help seniors with their mental and emotional health. Services that fall under the companionship umbrella include helping seniors to visit with friends, playing card games and the like, monitoring diets, and conversation.

Home Helping Services in Newport Beach

Homemaking services can help out seniors a lot. Not so much with their personal care, but rather with the care of their homes. Sometimes seniors feel compelled to move into a retirement home not because they can’t take care of themselves, but because they can’t take care of their homes properly. Home helper services from Always Best Care of Newport Beach solves this sad dilemma. Our in-home services range from wake-ups and tuck-ins, to changing linens and making beds, to helping take care of pets, and more.

Personal Care Services in Newport Beach

Personal care services are designed for seniors who need a little more than help with household chores or mental acuity. This type of in-home care service focuses on helping seniors take care of themselves. Our certified caregivers administering personal care can assist seniors with eating, bathing, dressing, and much more. Always Best Care of Newport Beach can also assign caregivers who are specially trained and experienced in helping seniors with specific conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, or Multiple Sclerosis.

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