How Non-Medical Senior Care Can Make Your Newport Beach Holiday the Best Ever

How Non-Medical Senior Care Can Make Your Newport Beach Holiday the Best Ever

The holiday season in Newport Beach is wonderful. Sure, there’s no snow, but on the plus side  . . . there’s no snow. You still get all the holiday lights, presents, and the Christmas music (which may or may not be a plus for some). Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or nothing in particular and just use the holiday season as an excuse to get together, December in Orange County is a lot of fun. Of course, hosting these holiday parties is a lot of work. And this is especially true if you are a senior, as many residents of Newport Beach are. For seniors, the holiday season often represents the most work they have to do all year. And it can be tough. 

Senior Care in Newport Beach, California

There are many seniors all over California and specifically in Newport Beach who don’t want to receive senior care and they rebuff their children or younger relatives whenever they bring up the subject. Sure, carrying the laundry basket and going grocery shopping is getting harder, but if you’re still healthy, why should you need senior care? Then the holiday season rolls around. Many seniors are used to hosting holiday parties. They may have hosted the holiday party for years, even decades. And if there’s a place family have to fly into to meet up, who wouldn’t want to fly into Southern California? But hosting these parties can take an unseen toll on seniors.

Many adult children of seniors try to be proactive and attempt to provide all the care their parents need by themselves. If both you and your parents live in Newport Beach and your parents only need help with preparing the meal and tidying up before the party, you can probably do that. But the needs of your senior parents will increase and if you try to provide them with all the care they require by yourself you won’t be able to keep up. That is why arranging for non-medical senior care can be a great holiday gift.

Non-medical Senior Care

Non-medical senior care is called “non-medical” because it is not provided by doctors or registered nurses. The care is provided by caregivers. Caregivers are trained, skills-tested, and educated on how to best care for seniors who might have one or more of a variety of issues, conditions, or problems. Always Best Care of Newport Beach only employs caregivers who are insured, bonded, and have passed a criminal background check.

Non-medical Senior Care in Newport Beach, CA

Non-medical senior care helps seniors age with dignity. Whether it’s helping a senior dust and vacuum before a Christmas party or assist them in a wheelchair, non-medical senior caregivers enhance the lives of the elderly. Non-medical senior care can be provided in senior care communities or in the private homes of clients. Assisted living communities provide their residents with all the care they need while still allowing them as much independence as possible. Non-medical senior home care, on the other hand, allows seniors to receive care in their own Newport Beach homes. 

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