FAQs About Assisted Living in Newport Beach, CA

FAQs About Assisted Living in Newport Beach, CA

There is a strong community of seniors living in Orange County, California. Many of these seniors live in or near Newport Beach, California, and they are starting to wonder (or their families are starting to wonder) about their options when it comes to care. Seniors require care and assistance at significantly higher rates than younger demographics because, well that’s just the fun of aging. We all understand this, but beyond that there’s a lot about senior care that the general population are unsure of. One such thing is assisted living. This article will go over some frequently asked questions about assisted living in Newport Beach, CA.

“So . . . What is Assisted Living?”

Let’s start with the most obvious question. Just what is assisted living? Assisted living is a type of care designed to help seniors take care of themselves and manage their lives. It is provided to seniors who live in assisted living communities. This is the defining difference between assisted living and other forms of senior care. Much of the care is provided by the staff at the assisted living community, but registered nurses and sometimes doctors are accessible when needed by assisted living residents.

“Is There a Difference Between Assisted Living Communities and Nursing Homes?”

Yes. Assisted living communities are not the same thing as nursing homes. Nursing homes are intended for residents who need high levels of care. It is not practical or safe for these residents to manage their own lives. They need quite a bit of care and supervision to live healthily and safely.

“Oh, So Then Assisted Living Communities are Like Independent Living Communities?”

No. Independent living communities, also known as retirement homes, are different and they’re kind of the opposite of nursing homes. The residents of independent living communities often have landscaping and maid services provided for them, but there isn’t typically any personal care offered by the staff.

“OK, Then How Are Assisted Living Communities Different?”

Assisted living communities are all about balance. Assisted living communities to provide their residents with all the care that they need while still allowing them the freedom and independence to manage their own lives as much as possible.

“Do All Residents of Assisted Living Communities Receive the Same Care?”

While all residents of assisted living communities receive equal care, they don’t all receive the same care. Because every resident will have different needs, wants, and concerns, each resident should receive services tailored to them.

“Is Assisted Living Available in Newport Beach, CA?”

Yes. There are several excellent assisted living communities in Newport Beach and close by in Orange County.

“How Can I Get Into an Assisted Living Community?”

Some assisted living communities have long wait lists. To get into an available assisted living community near you that meets your needs, you probably need to work with a third party. Always Best Care of Newport Beach can meet with you, provide assessments of their health, recommend which assisted living community near you is best suited to you, and then help to place you in that assisted living community.

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