Care Services for Seniors in Newport Beach, CA

Care Services for Seniors in Newport Beach, California

There are many senior care services available to seniors living around Newport Beach, California. This is partially because senior care services have become more varied and accessible in the past several years in order to serve the large baby boomer demographic.

Ultimately, seniors and their families need to answer two big questions when it comes to senior care services: where do they want to receive these services and which services do they need?

In-Home Senior Care Services Available in Newport Beach, CA

Broadly speaking, the first question above has two possible answers: in-home or in a senior care facility. Senior care services can be provided in-home or in a senior care community. In-home senior care services allow seniors to receive a number of services from a long list of choices in their own private homes. In-home senior care services are preferable for many (though not all) seniors in Newport Beach for a variety of reasons.

First, in-home senior care services are often more affordable than moving into a senior care community. Second, many seniors prefer to live in their own private homes. This is rarely a problem because there are now so many senior care services that can be offered in-home. These services could be personal care services, homemaking services, or companionship services.

  • Personal care services
    There are a lot of seniors in the Newport Beach are who require assistance managing everyday tasks such as dressing, getting in and out of bed, remembering to take medication, bathing, grooming, using the toilet, eating and cooking meals, etc. Personal care services are designed to help seniors with these tasks.
  • Homemaking services
    Many seniors can look after themselves fine, but managing their homes is challenging. Homemaking services see a caregiver do household tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, laundry, and cleaning as well as running errands for seniors. This allows seniors to relax and remain in their homes.
  • Companionship services
    Mental health is very important but seniors often experience mental health issues. Seniors sometimes live in isolation and/or they have neurological or mental health issues. This poses a danger to their overall health even if they are currently physically healthy. Companionship services see caregivers focus on the emotional and mental wellbeing of seniors by talking to them, keeping them company, and encouraging them to keep in touch with the outside world.

Senior Care Communities

Senior care facilities are the other place senior care services are offered. The staff at retirement communities often handle tasks such as housekeeping, but they usually don’t offer healthcare services. Nursing homes are for seniors who need high levels of care and for whom decision making is difficult. Assisted living communities provide all the senior care services their residents need while allowing them the freedom to manage their lives as much as they can.

There are several great assisted living communities in Newport Beach and nearby. But choosing the best assisted living community for you is not easy. That’s why it’s best to work with a senior care agency. Always Best Care of Newport Beach offers assisted living placements to ensure that seniors find the assisted community that’s best suited to them.

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