Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Yes, even in California, the weather can be pretty nasty during the winter time. That’s why it’s important for even you seniors living in Manhattan Beach to get prepared for the winter time. For seniors, the threat of slipping on some ice or catching pneumonia is more prominent than for those of younger age groups. That’s why we’ve collected the top safety tips for you to follow this winter if you’re receiving in-home care in Manhattan Beach CA. Read on below to find out more!

Get shoes with good traction: This is important for whenever there could possibly be some ice on the ground. You don’t want to end up in the hospital because of a little fall, now do you? That’s why it’s crucial for you to only be wearing shoes that have proper traction in the winter time. Head to your local store to buy some if you don’t already own some!

Pick up some new hobbies: Winter time safety doesn’t just stop at your physical safety. You should be keeping up your mental health and wellness in-mind as well. In the winter time, it can be easy to slip into something called winter depression or seasonal depression that poses real threats to your mental health. Try on some new hobbies like knitting to keep your mind busy and positivity up when it gets cold outside. Twist Yarns of Intrigue is a good place to start looking for some good knitting materials.

Get your heating system serviced: For those cold nights, it’s really important that you have a proper heating system. Seniors are more susceptible to conditions like pneumonia than those from younger age groups. So make sure you have a trained technician come out and check your heating system for any inefficiencies before the weather gets too bad.

Check on your friends and family: The winter time is the perfect time to call up all of your friends & family to do a quick check in every few weeks to see how they’re doing. You don’t have to go overboard, but a quick call every two weeks to the most important people in your life never hurt anybody! Plus, they’re sure to appreciate someone to talk to during winter as well.

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