Travel: Fun for All Ages with Proper Planning

Even if you live in the Pearl of the South Bay—Manhattan Beach—with stunning views of the Pacific and home of beach volleyball, international surfing events and many great restaurants, you might want a change of scene. After all, the secret to being happy is to continue to do the things you enjoy. You need not give up hitting the happy trails simply because of your age. You can have great trips with planning and understanding that you may have to modify the way you are used to traveling.

  1. Begin by planning for your medical needs. Check with your physician before you travel and follow his or her advice. Find out if you need supplemental medical insurance. Take an ample supply of medication with you and find out how to get refills if you need them. Pack your medication and insurance information in your carry-on luggage so you will not get separated in-home care manhattan beach cafrom it.
  2. Get ready for extra activity by increasing your exercise level in advance of your trip. If you do not walk, you should still exercise to strengthen your upper body.
  3. Check with travel agencies that specialize in senior travel. They have great tips for senior travelers and have information about tours for seniors, negotiating airports and train depots, hotels with senior accommodations etc.
  4. Check your pride at the gate. Admit to yourself if you have mobility issues, and then rent scooters. Even if you don’t have problems walking, you should rent a scooter so you can move quickly through airports. Scooters are also great if you want to visit places that require lots of walking such as museums, zoos, historical monuments, a cruise ship etc.
  5. Whether you are on an airplane, a train, or a cruise ship, do not hesitate to ask the crew for assistance. It is their job and most of them are happy to assist you.

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