The Science Behind Singing and Senior Care

There are many concerns regarding the mental, neurological, and physiological side of aging in light of the fact that people are living much longer now. These concerns stem from the realization that some seniors face a difficult life after retirement. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia are largely responsible for the challenges these seniors experience.

Research on the relationship between music and dementia has shown music to be an effective way of delivering senior care Manhattan Beach CA benefits because of music’s unique ability to tap into human emotions.  Based on the results, patients who were exposed to meaningful music were better able to readily recall experiences from their past. Now, researchers, doctors, and scientists are enthusiastic about the possibility of winning the fight against dementia in the near future.


Sing it Loud to Improve Your Brain

While music therapists have long been aware of the tremendous results experienced when dementia patients are exposed to music, insight on the benefits of music to those with neurological challenges is relatively new. In fact, research indicates that seniors with neurological challenges may gain more from music therapy than their peers suffering from dementia. In short, belting out a tune could be lifesaving to seniors.


The Science Behind Singing

Based on a study published in the “Music Perception” journal, singing can improve emotional health because it stimulates portions of the brain that control emotional responses. Added to this amazing benefit, seniors who sing also improve on their enunciation and projection, which leads to better communication.


Overall, the three main benefits of singing for seniors are:

  1. Greater Overall Well-being

Everyone who participated in the singing therapy study reported an increase in their quality of life, self-confidence, and overall well-being. This makes singing an easy-to-use tool with elderly care Manhattan Beach CA senior services.


  1. The Body Benefits from Singing Too

George Washington University researchers noted improvements in the study participant’s eyesight, posture, and breathing. Participants also made fewer trips to the hospital. All of these advantages can tremendously benefit seniors who want the independence that comes with the in home care Manhattan Beach CA services from a company like Always Best Care offers to help keep seniors safe and happy at home as long as possible.


  1. Singing Encourages Social Connections Among Seniors.

Seniors who participated in group singing were able to forge connections with each other. This benefit is especially helpful since retirees are sometimes cut off from their former level of social interactions.


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