The Many Benefits of Hiking for Seniors

Going on regular outdoor hikes is one of the best exercise options for seniors, with a number of both physical and mental health benefits. For group hikes and similar activities related to senior care Manhattan Beach CA residents need to look no further than Always Best Care. Local seniors have access to a number of scenic oceanside hiking trails, which provide a great opportunity to get outdoors and experience nature only a short distance from the ABC assisted living Manhattan Beach CA community.

Hiking has been proven to lower cholesterol levels and decrease the frequency of blood sugar fluctuations in seniors with diabetes. Going on a moderate hike that fits existing fitness levels will lower resting blood sugar levels as the muscles use up stored glucose as a needed energy source. Since hiking on nature trails lowers levels of harmful cholesterol, it also decreases the risks of heart disease in seniors who may be at higher risks for it in the future.

Exercise experts have reported that hiking over trails with even minor inclines will improve tolerance levels of glucose and reduce the presence of excess blood sugar. When it comes to in home care Manhattan Beach CA seniors are encouraged to participate in regular exercise to prolong their abilities to live self-sufficiently.

Hiking is a physical activity that exercises every part of the body, including the legs, arms, abdominals, and cardiovascular system. It also has noticeable positive impacts on seniors’ senses of mental well-being, reducing stress levels and increasing levels of mental energy.

Some studies have shown that seniors who hike regularly perform better on cognitive ability tests and have better short term memory function. Spending time on one of the local hiking spots has also been shown to improve creative problem solving ability and increase attention spans in seniors.

For the best options in elderly care Manhattan Beach CA residents can turn to Always Best Care for information on the benefits of exercise for seniors of all fitness levels and health conditions. Some local favorite hiking spots in Manhattan Beach include the Sand Dune Nature Preserve and the nearby Hermosa Beach walking trails. To find out more about Always Best Care’s services, local seniors are encouraged to contact LoliRamezani at (310)-546-3400 or email her at [email protected]

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