Strategies for Boosting Brain Health

Brain health is something that everyone should be concerned about. As we get older, our brainpower gets a bit duller than it used to be. This means that we may become a bit more forgetful than we were in the past, or we might not be able to hold as lively of conversations as we used to. If you are a senior who is receiving in-home care in Manhattan Beach, it’s important to take use the upcoming Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month to learn more about how you can boost your brain power and improve the health of your mind.

  • Try to read a new book every week. A great strategy for boosting your brain health is to read a new book every day. Now, you might not be the biggest reader, but you can read anything that you want! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a fantasy book or a nonfiction work; reading has been shown to improve memory loss in seniors.
  • Get your daily exercise in. When we exercise, it doesn’t only help us keep a healthy weight and fend off cardiovascular disease. Exercise also pumps a large amount of oxygen into your brain, which helps it to work at optimal levels.
  • Try out a new hobby. If you have been getting a bit bored lately and want to try something new, why not learn a new hobby, like playing a musical instrument? These kinds of creative hobbies are perfect for boosting your brainpower and helping you exercise the creative region of your brain.
  • Speak with your family and friends. Lively conversations with your family and friends on a regular basis have been shown to seriously help seniors who are facing a loss of mind power. So, make sure to organize those family dinners and game nights and spend more time with the people who matter the most to you.
  • Get enough sleep. Getting 8 hours of sleep a night is one of the best ways to improve your brainpower. You might not notice, but as you are snoozing away, your brain is working overtime to process your memories and repair synapses. Without this time for sleep, your brain is not going to be working at optimal levels the next day.
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