Seniors Should Enjoy the Many Benefits of Yoga

elder care manhattan beachYoga can be a challenging proposition, given that it sometimes has complex positions that require great flexibility. For this reason, some may feel that it is not a good exercise choice for an older individual. It is important to note, however, that the skills and dexterity needed for yoga range from the deeply complicated to the most simple and basic. As a matter of fact, when investigating options for assisted living Manhattan Beach CA families should consider agencies that incorporate the wonderful benefits of yoga into their care possibilities, as Always Best Care recommends. The various aspects of a yoga program can enhance an individual’s senior years.

  • A gentle stretch can increase a person’s range of motion, which in turn, can decrease the possibility of a fall.
  • Deep breathing increases the capacity of the lungs and boosts oxygen intake which, in turn, boosts health in many ways. It can slow the heart rate, and it can improve the chances for a good night’s sleep.
  • The synchronized movements called for in yoga can improve coordination for safer mobility.  When coupled with regulated breathing, there is evidence that suggests clarity of thought may be enhanced.
  • Holding a yoga position for a time contributes to better balance, which also decreases the odds of an accident or fall.
  • The calm approach to yoga and serenity of movement contribute to reduced stress. In fact, the AARP has cited evidence that yoga increases the brain’s production of the chemical GABA, which is known to have a calming effect.

For well-rounded care, seniors should insist on a senior care agency like Always Best Care that know of the assisted living facilities in the Los Angeles area that offer senior fitness classes and can find the right one for your senior loved one. Even the simplest of yoga exercises can enhance the well-being of an individual and the act of participating in an exercise regimen can be a source of pride and confidence. A positive outlook can positively influence physical health. Getting out to yoga classes with the help of a companion caregiver can also enhance a senior’s social life.


Whether looking for a loved one or exploring options for oneself, when looking for assisted living in Manhattan Beach CA residents should keep in mind the benefits of exercise, particularly yoga. When it comes to superior elderly care Manhattan Beach CA can rely on Loli Ramezani. Looking to provide the best, Loli and her dedicated and skilled staff can help you explore the options for the exemplary senior care Manhattan Beach CA deserves. Contact her at [email protected] or call (310) 546- 3400.

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