Seniors Keep Both Mobility and Memory through Regular Exercise

According to Newton’s first Law of Motion: an object in motion stays in motion.  This is true for people as well as objects.  As we age, the agile motions and artery cleansing effects of aerobic exercise contribute to maintaining senior adults’ health in a major way.


The Benefits for Seniors of Regular Exercise

Years of research on seniors also indicates an exciting new exercise benefit for the elderly:  a clear correlation between engaging in regular exercise and delays in the onset of, and a slower progression of, the memory-robbing diseases of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s. In sunny Manhattan Beach, seniors are fortunate to have lots of opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle; such as swimming at the Begg Pool, walking through the Botanical Gardens, playing golf or tennis.

According to research conducted in the last ten years, older adults who remain as active as possible reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s or age-related dementia.  The more they exercise, the lower their risk.  While we can’t control our genes or aging, we can make informed and healthy choices about our lifestyles and exercise levels.

For seniors who remain living independently in their homes and want to have a healthy lifestyle, Manhattan Beach CA is a great place to live.  The Joslyn Community Center regularly offers line dancing classes and ballroom dancing at Swing and Sway Dances, providing seniors with healthy aerobic exercise.  This kind of exercise increases the brain’s network of small blood vessels, thus increasing blood and oxygen supply to the brain while improving cognitive function.


For Seniors with In Home Care Manhattan Beach CA Provides Great Exercise Opportunities

Some seniors have a home caregiver who visits and assists them with the activities of daily living so they may remain in their homes. These caregivers from a senior home care agency such as Always Best Care can be enlisted to assist seniors with developing a regular exercise program. A caregiver can schedule regular brisk walks with their client in Pollywog Park or accompany the senior when they walk the family dog at the Dog Run. A weekly aerobic walking program increases connectivity between brain nerve cells, develops new ones, and maintains the mental skills of planning, organizing, and recalling information.


For seniors who need to move to in-home care in Manhattan Beach CA allows you to maintain an active life in the community using the Dial-A-Ride transportation system and Joslyn Center’s nutrition program the Lunch Bunch.  Through the trained caregivers and placement assistance from Always Best Care home care service, seniors can maintain a physically active and full life in their Southern California community.  To learn more about senior care in Manhattan Beach CA, call Loli Ramezani at our office today at (310) 546-3400.


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