Seniors can Look and Feel Better with a Healthy Mouth

Past generations considered it natural that declining dental health went hand-in-hand with aging, but times are changing. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research states that there is a significantly smaller rate of tooth loss now than there was in the early 1970s. There is also a growing awareness of the benefits of a healthy mouth for an individual’s health and well-being. When considering factors that influence a decision regarding in home care Manhattan Beach CA seniors should look for an agency like Always Best Care, an agency dedicated to well-rounded care. Consider the benefits of a healthy mouth.


The senior years are not the time to sit back and rest on your laurels with dental hygiene. You are battling years of accumulated stains and thinning enamel. Both can darken your smile. It’s a greattime to step up your game and do everything you can to keep your smile bright.  Brush and floss daily, and make sure you change your toothbrush regularly.


While gum disease is often painless in the beginning, it can become painful over time. Anyone who has experienced a sore mouth or toothache wants to avoid a recurrence. Regular checkups with your dentist will allow you to stop any gum disease before it reaches a painful, damaging stage.

Always Best Care provides the kind of assisted living Manhattan Beach CA residents can rely on to help them with the necessary supplies and ensure they keep up with scheduled dental appointments and routine maintenance.

Physical Health

You mouth has a profound effect on your general health. The inflammation of gum disease can spread to other tissues in the body, like the heart. If the oral bacteria count is high from an infection, it can impact your respiratory health. Mouth pain can also make meal times a trial, leading to malnutrition and dehydration. There has even been a suggestion that excessive bacteria in the mouth may impact blood sugar levels. To avoid these risks, and more through elderly care Manhattan Beach CA community members need to work with an agency that respects dental health as part of a great senior care plan.

Consider the influence dental care has on your emotional and physical health and the comfort of your everyday existence as you think about your future. For comprehensive senior care Manhattan Beach CA individuals can turn to Always Best Care.

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