Making Stairs Safe for Manhattan Beach Seniors

Loss of flexibility is a common issue with aging. When joint problems and osteoporosis set in, seniors often begin to experience mobility issues.

With age, falling accidents become a serious threat to their overall health, as it will take longer for their bodies to recover. Many fall accidents occur when seniors are using the stairs.

Safety-Proofing the Stairs

Always Best Care, one of the best senior care Manhattan Beach CA providers available, urges people to safety-proof their stairs. Here are a few useful tips to prevent stairway accidents:

1) Carpeting Pattern
If you prefer carpeted stairs, avoid dark carpets or those with patterns. Seniors with vision problems should be able to see the edge of each step clearly. You may choose to line these areas with tape, preferably in a contrasting color.

2) Visibility
A well-lighted stairway is ideal for homes with senior citizens. Please remember to avoid glaring lights, as older individuals have sensitive eyes.

3) Traction
Always Best Care’s in home care Manhattan Beach CA experts recommend putting rubber treads on stairs. If the homeowner is particular about aesthetics, one could consider a coat of invisible skid-resistant treatment.

4) Keep Stairs Clutter-Free
Don’t store any items on or near the stairs. Books, shoes, décor and other items should be kept as far away for the stair area as possible.

5) Add Handrails
Handrails allow older individuals to navigate up and down the stairs with ease. They should be level with the elbows of the senior and be sturdy enough to support his or her weight.

Hire a Helping Hand

At some point, your senior will have a harder time navigating up and down stairs. While buying or renting a stair lift might sound like a good idea, you may want to consider hiring someone to help. It would be wise to enlist the help of an assisted living Manhattan Beach CA expert like those employed by Always Best Care to ensure the over-all health, safety and wellbeing of your aging loved one.

Always Best Care urges people to be selective when choosing a companion for their senior family member because their safety depends on the skill and training of this individual. If you would like to consider using superior in home care Manhattan Beach CA services, schedule a free care consultation with Loli at Always Best Care today. You can reach her at (310) 546-3400.

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