Is Non-Medical In-Home Care for Senior Practical in Manhattan Beach?

Is Non-Medical In-Home Care for Senior Practical in Manhattan Beach

Non-medical senior care can be a great way to enjoy one’s older years. We may face challenges to perform many of our daily activities once we get old. It’s a fact of life because we are living longer than ever before in the history of our country. Some older adults  have more serious health incidents and require hospitalization, a nursing home, or some form of around the clock care. For other seniors, life goes on pretty much as normal, just certain tasks become difficult, tiring, and at times dangerous. Whatever the case, non-medical senior care can help seniors of all ages and of all differing abilities.

Why Non-medical Senior Care in Manhattan Beach?

First, let’s explain the “non-medical” part of “non-medical senior care”. By “non-medical” we merely mean that the care is not being provided by a doctor or registered nurse, but rather a care provider. These care providers are trained and skilled and experienced on how to best care for seniors on their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), All caregivers hired through agencies as their employees, should always be registered through the State of California and Department of Social Services and finger printed through DoJ.

Of course, medical care must be provided whenever necessary. Every senior should regularly see a doctor and always have a doctor or registered nurse carry out medical procedures. But for everyday care and assistance, a non-medical senior care worker can perform and/or provide assistance for all the tasks required.

The Practicalities of Non-Medical Senior Care in Manhattan Beach

Some people think non-medical senior care is not practical. The thinking goes something like this: “Why pay for non-medical senior care when I can help my parents all by myself?” Well, the answer to that question is: You really can’t and if you do, at what cost. Far too many people undertake a terrific burden in trying to be the sole care provider for their senior parents, all the while maintaining their own work and familial commitments. It’s a recipe for exhaustion and stress.

In addition, non-medical senior care workers can provide services based on their professional experience and resources such as Alzheimer’s Greater LA which allows to manage the situation more effectively.

Another advantage is that the professional relationship with the caregiver does not carry any emotional baggage or family history which in consequence will allow for a calmer environment.

Furthermore, non-medical senior care can be covered through LTC (Long Term Care) Insurance policies.  Sp what do you think the more practical solution is?

To try to do everything yourself, drive your elder parents to all their various appointments, and begin to see them as a burden –as a task that must be completed– or to hire a non-medical senior care provider to give your parents’ the best care possible and for all of you to enjoy life a little bit more? The choice should be obvious.

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