How In-Home Care Brings Families Closer Together

How In-Home Care Brings Families Closer Together

Did you ever think home care assistance could make things better between you and your aging parent?

Today’s post explains how Always Best Care Manhattan Beach improves family life by reducing caregiver burden, cutting hidden costs, and eliminating any feelings of guilt or dissatisfaction your loved one might have about their informal homecare arrangement.

Alleviate Caregiver Burden

If you’re researching home care assistance, you probably know all about caregiver burden.

The Journal of Advanced Nursing describes it broadly as “a negative reaction to the impact of providing care of? caregivers’ social, occupational, and personal roles” (Papastavrou et al., 2007, p. 446).

Simply put, the stress of providing round-the-clock care for individuals takes a toll on the caregiver in ways that can affect their health and happiness, with far-reaching implications on work, relationships, and health.

There are burdensto caregiving. Beyond the fact that in-home care can get quite laborious, the stress and burden of caregiving responsibilities increases the risk of hypertension, sleep deprivation, postural problems, and more.

In addition to the physical burden, caregiving responsibilities are linked to compromised emotional well-being, with caregivers showing greater incidence of negative outlook, poor psychological morale and, surprisingly, less connectedness with the person they care for.  (Fast et al., 1999, p. 309).

By alleviating all of these burdens at once, in-home care can give you back your health and peace of mind. Instead of preoccupying yourself with menial care duties and medication reminders, you can spend your family time making meaningful memories.

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Cutting the Costs of Informal Care

According to the Journal of Family and Economic Issues, families that provide informal care for aging parents pay a number of hidden costs that quickly add up.

Quite often, these hidden costs amount to more than families think they’re saving by taking on the work of in-home care services. Indeed, cost-benefit analyses purporting to show that informal care is cheaper than in-home care looked only at public expenditures, thereby ignoring the out-of-pocket expenditures, foregone opportunities, and unpaid labor hours incurred by family/friend caregivers.

In-home care  is surprisingly affordable, and can protect your family all these hidden costs, as well as the stress and tension that comes along with them.

Keeping Your Parents Happier and Healthier With Professional In-Home Care  Services

Many people wrongly assume that the informal care provided by family members is superior to that offered via in-home care companies. This stubborn misconception is based around the idea that family members’ obligatory ties and affections are greater; family members don’t just care for aging parents, they care about them, too.

And yet, while it’s certainly true that you love your aging parent more than any in-home care company employee, that doesn’t mean you’ll provide a higher quality of care. This is particularly true for individuals requiring skilled services or dementia care.

Further, not only do in-home care  teams have the edge in training and experience, but they’re also less likely to make your aging parent feel guilty or obligated to reciprocate for the caretaking effort in any way (that’s our job, after all!).  This also means that there are no emotional baggage between the professional caregiver and your loved one which will make it easier to provide and follow instructions for their health and wellbeing.

The bottom line is that professional, guilt-free in-home care makes for happier and healthier seniors in Manhattan Beach, California, which can only improve the quality of your family time together.

Get to know Your Aging Parents’ Care Needs

The first step in our in-home care  partnership involves sitting down with your family and aging parent to discuss their unique care needs and preferences. Every in-home care plan is customized to the individual, and your input is a critical part of our overall assessment.

These meetings are vital to find your loved one’s place in the care continuum.  Through our in person assessment we have helped families in Manhattan Beach, California by creating a safe dialogue where your aging parents’ care needs can truly be expressed, understood, and met. This level of honesty and openness is sometimes hard to reach with informal care arrangements, where parents may already feel guilty or embarrassed by the help they need, or do not wish to impose on their family members by requesting help, and thus unwilling to ask for more.

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