Five Signs a Senior Needs In-Home Assistance

The good news for senior citizens and their families is that by 2013, only 3.4% of those 65+ years old lived in institutional settings. The remaining 96.6% of seniors have various living arrangements: 72% live with a spouse, 35% live alone, and the other 19% have a variety of living styles. These circumstances also mean that it is important for families of a senior to recognize signs that the person’s health and/or safety is becoming compromised and assistance is needed if he/she is to remain at home. The following are a few of the important indicators that a senior needs help with day-to-day living activities. The key is to look for atypical behavior from the person concerned.


You should be concerned when:

  1. A person who has always been well-groomed develops a disregard for personal hygiene and exhibits a noticeable body odor and looks unbathed. The person may habiin-home care los angelestually wear the same clothing even if it is dirty and wrinkled.
  1. A traditionally good housekeeper suddenly has unvacuumed carpets, unswept floors, and clutter throughout the house. The pantry and refrigerator contain expired and spoiled food. The house may have an unpleasant odor.
  1. There is likely a problem if the senior who has always taken great pride in the exterior of his/her home and it now has an overgrown, trash-littered yard.
  1. The senior who always pays bills and takes care of mail immediately has a stack of unpaid bills and unopened mail.
  1. The person exhibits some problems when standing up from a sitting position.


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