Fighting Off Seasonal Depression Through Hobbies

As the days start to become shorter in Manhattan Beach, we’re reminded that Christmas is just around the corner.
During the festive season, it is not uncommon for seniors in home care in Manhattan Beach CA to start to feel the adverse effects of the cooling temperatures and shorter days.
That’s because during the winter season, they often spend more time indoors. This can lead to Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition that is linked to depression.
To counter the effects of the disease, seniors need to ensure that they stay active over the winter period. As a result, we’ve drawn up a simple list of four hobbies that they could take part in over the holidays, below:


One great way for a senior to become involved in their community is volunteering. There are numerous charities based around Manhattan Beach, with many needing help with the feeding and clothing of those in need over the holidays.

 Join a Book or Poetry Club

The city runs an Older Adults Program that features many recreational and educational activities that may be of interest to a senior that lives in the area.
Poetry cycles, book clubs, and baseball games are all available for seniors to join throughout the year, offering seniors a great chance to make new friends.

Learning Technology

It’s cliché, but you really are never too old to try something new. By learning how to use the basics of a laptop, tablet or phone, seniors will be able to interact with the world around them more easily.
What’s more, if they can grasp the basics of certain software programs such as Skype or Whatsapp, seniors will find it much easier to keep in contact with loved ones, wherever they are in the world.
The city’s council run a Coffee, Technology, and You Program for two hours on a Saturday at the Joslyn Community Center, with seniors encouraged to join.

 Dancing the Day Away

If you know a senior that lives and breathes music, then an afternoon or evening dance class could be the ideal way for them to spend their time.
The cost of a lesson varies depending on the type of dance you’d like to learn, with line dancing costing just $3 per hour and swing classes costing $10 for a two-hour class.

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