Exploring Holiday Volunteer Opportunities

With the temperatures beginning to cool and the days becoming shorter, it can become tempting to put everything to one side in favor of a cozy night in.
While watching our favorite Christmas movies may occupy our attention, we should always spare a thought at this time of year for those less fortunate than ourselves.
The homeless and needy often find the Christmas holidays one of the most challenging times of the year, both mentally and physically.
Seniors in home care in Manhattan Beach CA can play a huge role in bringing joy to others over the holidays, and their generosity can be a shining example to the rest of the community.

Of course, a senior can’t take part in every volunteer role, but there is a large number that are perfect for any age group to step into. We’ve listed four of the most obvious, below:

Serve up Warm Meals

Making sure that everyone in the community is fed over the holidays can be a hugely rewarding experience for seniors.

A volunteer role at a local food bank will provide them with the chance to make new friends and feel positive about the difference that they’re making to someone else’s life.

Join the Roundhouse Aquarium

The Roundhouse, which is situated on Manhattan Beach’s pier, is small aquarium run by over 100 volunteers seven days a week.
Entry into the aquarium is completely free, so the park relies on its volunteers and donations to keep its doors open throughout the year.
Much of the work as a volunteer involves educating visitors and taking care of the animals, so the role is perfect for any senior that enjoys social interaction.

Help out with Arts and Crafts

During the winter, the Joslyn Community Center on Main Street is host to Family Holiday Crafts club.
Volunteers are expected to help out with the distribution of materials so that families can create a manner of crafts, such as cards and decorations that they can then take home.

Keep the City Tidy

The city council’s Parks and Recreation Department hold a community clean-up day once a month on a Saturday morning.
For three hours, seniors can join their local community with litter pickers and buckets, collecting any trash left on the city’s streets or beach.
The activity is a great way for a senior to feel involved with the local area, and that feeling of self-worth that they will achieve once the job is complete is better than any medicine.

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