5 Tips on Helping Your Parents in Their Older Years

Tips For Helping Your Parents in Their Older Years

Aging is a natural process. It’s what should happen to us. We should all be so lucky to live to our 80’s, 90’s and perhaps even beyond. But that means that our body and mind go through changes as we age. It’s not easy for children to see their parents, show signs of slowing down or are even diagnosed with a challenging condition. Here are five tips on helping your parents as they progress through their senior years.

1- Remember You’re their Child

You’re your parents’ child, not their care giver. In a perfect world, our senior parents would maintain majority of their physical and mental capabilities so that they can look after most of their own matters, as well as their health, themselves. But as we get older, our body and mind ages and part of the aging process is for our parents to slow down, for their senses and reflexes not to work as well as before, which would necessitate additional support.

But how can you expect to help with your parents’ care in addition to your job, your own family and your friend son a full time basis. It’s too much to expect of yourself. And your parents don’t want you to run yourself ragged, anyway. Lastly, there are some things you’re just not qualified to do. Were you trained on how to take care of somebody with Alzheimer’s Disease? Probably not. There comes a time when you need to leave it to the professionals.

2- Consider Senior In-Home Care Service in Manhattan Beach

Acknowledging that you can’t do it all yourself is just the first step. Next you need to figure out what kind of senior care you should get. If possible, look into in- home care. With in-home care, your older family member can get all the care for their daily activities at home.

3- Work with your parents

Sometimes our senior parents can be stubborn. Sometimes they have difficulty keeping track of what’s happening. The best option is to try to include them in decisions that affect their lives.Remember at times there needs to be some creativity in your conversation with them in order to convince/encourage them to take the best approach for their own health and safety.

4- Keep in touch

You can’t expect to be able to handle all the care your parents need on your own. But that doesn’t mean you should remove yourself from their lives. Talk and visit with them as much as possible. You’ll be glad you did.

5- Enjoy it

Your parents’ older years are not something you need to “get through”. Yes, there will be many challenges, but try to lower your expectations and cherish the time you have with them and enjoy their company.

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