5 Miraculous Benefits of Music for Seniors

Music has long been used to promote health and wellness. It’s a tool that professionals use for mental and physical healing, and best of all it’s free. Here are five reasons why you should also use sound to benefit your elderly loved ones.

Promotes Happiness

Music has a way of making you feel happier, regardless of how you felt before listening to it. This happens because of the chemicals released in our brains when we hear certain sounds. Seniors would greatly benefit from a bit of music therapy.

Increases Mental Stamina

Science has now proven that music can help to greatly improve mental stamina. When spending time with your loved one, play background music while you’re engaged. This is beneficial for patients that suffer with diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our experienced staff are well versed in providing home care in Manhattan Beach, CA, and know the benefits of music for the aging population.

Improves Overall Sleep

Subtle background music can be beneficial for anyone suffering with sleep issues. The sounds can help you fall into a deeper sleep, and studies show that you will also sleep longer. When providing senior care, it’s important to make sure the patients get plenty of rest, and music is an effective tool to help in this area.

Promotes Socialization

Sometimes seniors aren’t as social as they should be, and you want them to engage with their peers as much as possible. Good music accompanied by good food can help get your loved one out and communicating with other people with similar interests. The Lighthouse Cafe provides the perfect atmosphere for socialization across people of all ages.

Calms Restlessness

Restlessness affects everyone at some point, and music can help ease tension so that you can relax a bit more. How well this works depends on the type of music that you play, but most classical and jazz tunes tend to work best. The Old Town Music Hall is the ideal place for seniors to listen to great sounds and have a relaxing evening.

Proven Care You Can Trust

At Always Best Care, we’re known for our exemplary care services to the aging population. We provide caring staff to tend to your loved one’s daily needs. Let us help your family member today!

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