5 Day Trip Ideas for Seniors

Day trips are fun for people of all ages, including seniors. A short daytime getaway can help set the mood for a perfect evening, and help burn some energy too. Here are five great day trip ideas for seniors that will keep them active and engaged throughout the day.

Riley Art Gallery

The Riley Art Gallery has a large selection of pieces from local artists. It’s an interesting place to visit on a day trip, and would definitely be a great place for seniors to visit any time. It’s also affordable. Be sure to take plenty of pictures, as you’re bound to see something that you won’t want to forget.

Sand Dune Park

A visit to Sand Dune Park can be a good afternoon workout for seniors who receive elderly care in the Manhattan Beach area, and a great way to get some exercise the old-fashioned way. The entry fee is only $1, and if you can’t see yourself working out with the youngsters, then you can always sit back and enjoy the scenery. Either way, it’s an ideal place to visit midday.

Manhattan Beach

Anyone, regardless of age, will appreciate a visit to Manhattan Beach. A quick stroll through the pristine sands can be enough to lighten any mood, and the beach is a local hangout for people of all cultures. Your loved one can relax and enjoy the weather, or take an afternoon dip in the cool, calming waters. It’s also a great place to mingle and meet new friends.

Manhattan Beach Art Center

The Manhattan Beach Art Center is a must-visit for anyone seeking an eventful day trip. It’s filled to the rim with interesting pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, and the selections are well curated. The experienced staff at Always Best Care provide in-home care in Manhattan Beach, CA, and would assist with planning an exciting trip to the art center!

Manhattan Beach Spas

A relaxing afternoon at the spa can mean the difference between an average night’s sleep, and a restful one. Manhattan Beach has a variety of spas available for anyone looking to relieve some tension and rejuvenate on the go. You can choose from full service spas, or several skin and rejuvenation centers.

We’re The Best in Home Care Services

Always Best Care provides superior services for seniors seeking assistance with daily needs in their home. We’re experienced and will always treat your loved ones with the utmost care and respect. Our friendly staff members are ready to assist you with your in-home needs, so be sure to contact us today!

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