3 Things to Look For in Assisted Living Community Near Me

3 Things to Look For in Assisted Living Community Near Me

Today’s post runs down 3 essential factors to look for in assisted living communities. Read on to inform your senior care criteria and make sure your loved one is getting the best that Manhattan Beach, California and the surrounding area have to offer!

3 Factors To Look For in Assisted Living Near Me:

  • 1. A quality reputation. The senior care industry is categorically trust-based, which means a quality reputation in the community and outside is non-negotiable. A quick Google search can tell you a lot about a company, but concrete referrals from industry insiders are better. But then, of course, you’ll need to trust your referral source implicitly.

    Always Best Care Manhattan Beach offers free referrals for assisted living communities in Manhattan Beach, California and a radius of about 40-50 miles in the surrounding areas, and our reputation should inspire confidence. We’ve earned a number of five-star reviews on sites like AgingCare.com, and was named one of Manhattan Beach, California’s top-10 Best Assisted Living Facilities on Yelp’s independent third-party review site.
  • 2. Multiple levels of care. Quality assisted living companies understand that a continuum of senior care is necessary to meet the needs of the diverse elderly population in Manhattan Beach, California and the surrounding areas. Assisted living communities do not all provide the same types of care,, But rigid, non-individualized care programs just aren’t good enough. Always Best Care Manhattan Beach’s in-home care model exemplifies this, offering an entire spectrum of caring service to meet our clients’ variable needs, and so do our assisted living partners.
  • 3. Concerted effort to build positive client-caregiver relationships. We all know intuitively that positive client-caregiver relationships are important for our loved one’s happiness. And a huge body of research exists linking happiness with healthy aging (Mathieu, 2008). So with that in mind, shouldn’t all your searches for “assisted living near me” focus on communities that actually make the effort to build these kinds of relationships?But what does that mean, exactly? When researchers tried to quantify the abstract and subjective idea of a “positive client-nurse relationship,” they identified two major patterns of meaning: having comfort and being connected. Similarly, one study by the Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners identified frequent client/nurse communication as being a major predictor of positive elder care outcomes.Although Assisted Living Communities are for non-medical services and  hence no nurse presence is required, however the same client-caregiver relationship principles apply,So how does Always Best Care Manhattan Beach ensure seniors feel comfortable and connected to their caregivers?

    It all boils down to the effort we put into finding the perfect assisted living community fit. Think of us as devoted matchmakers who want nothing more than to find your loved one the care (and caregiver) they deserve. To that end, we work with you and your loved one from day-one to develop a custom care plan delineating support needs, budgetary constraints, and non-negotiable features.

    Once we’ve got a clear vision of your dream assisted living community, we diligently go through our database of about 70-80 communities, both large and small, identify the  shortlist of the top 3-4 options based on your custom criteria, verify availability and provide you with the options

    You can take a personal tour to learn more about the places, we will accompany you and your loved one on a guided tour of each if needed. This provides a great opportunity to meet all the right staff management and get answer to all your questions.

    You are not under any obligation to commit to the providers if the timing and/or the place is not right, and we won’t stop researching until you’re satisfied.

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