Caregiver of the Month

Photo of Jennifer Whittmore

April 2021 Caregiver of the Month

We are happy to announce our April caregiver of the month! Jennifer has only been with us a couple months, but she has stepped up to the plate and proven that she deserves this award. She works full time with her client and treats him like family. She pays attention to every detail, communicates with his family and his nurses, and does everything in her power to ensure that he is happy and comfortable. She is adored by him and his family, and is excelling in her role as a caregiver and companion.
Congratulations Jennifer!

Photo of Diana Zacarias

March 2021 Caregiver of the Month

For the month of March, we selected an incredibly special caregiver to receive this award. Diana has been with us for over five years and always helps us out in emergency situations and takes on the most difficult cases. Not only does she have an extremely high work ethic, but she also delivers quality care to each of our clients. This award is well deserved and is a small tribute compared to the enormous ways that she has helped this company and cared for our seniors in need.
Congratulations Diana!

Photo of Hilda Loera

February 2021 Caregiver of the Month

Our fabulous caregiver Hilda Loera has been chosen as caregiver of the month for February! Hilda has been with Always Best Care for two and half years and is especially deserving of this award. She exudes confidence and displays empathy when caring for a client. She is the type of caregiver anyone would want to care for their mom. She is reliable, trustworthy, and friendly which are the core values that are essential to any great caregiver.
Congratulations Hilda!

Photo of Emily Torres

January 2021 Caregiver of the Month

January is here, and with it comes our caregiver of the month, Emily! She has been with Always Best Care for almost 2 years, and has made a lasting impact on her client’s lives! She is an advocate for her client’s in every regard, and truly goes above and beyond, showing her compassion in every way possible.
Congratulations Emily!