Assistance with Online Appointments

Always Best Care provides assistance to seniors who need help connecting online. We fill the gap between virtual appointments and seniors who do not understand how to work the new technology. We schedule all virtual doctor’s appointments and can work with you to book calls to loved ones, tours of assisted living facilities, and more!

What we can do:

  1. Virtual doctor’s appointment
  2. Video calls to friends and family
  3. Meet and greet with caregiver
  4. Virtual tours of assisted living facilities
  5. Virtual meetings to meet the owners
  6. Virtual assessments

What are Virtual Doctor’s Virtual Appointments?

Virtual visits are helping to make health care access more convenient. People can see and talk to a doctor through their smartphone, tablet, or computer, meaning they do not have to go to a doctor’s office or sit in a waiting room. Instead, they can visit with a doctor from the comfort of their own home with our help, or utilize any of the other services listed above. Virtual visits are simply doctor-patient interactions through a Web-based portal. They offer patients an alternative way to communicate with their doctors regarding health issues that do not require face-to-face contact, or routine follow-up of chronic diseases.


  1. Gets to stay home
  2. Stay cool by not going into the heat
  3. Eliminate transportation issues
  4. Can see and connect with doctors, family members, friends, and meet caregiver
  5. Limited exposure to COVID-19
  6. Avoid waiting room
  7. No need to take time off work to assist seniors with appointments
  8. Improve chronic disease management
  9. Postsurgical follow-ups or medication reconciliation after hospital discharge
  10. We supply device for video call
  11. Convenient and hassle free

Why this is a great alternative to In-Person Meetings:

At Always Best Care we want to make things as easy as possible for our seniors. The many benefits include greater convenience, improved access, and empowering people to confer with their caregivers from the comfort of their own home.

Less Chance of Catching a New Illness

Where can you be sure to find a lot of sick people? At the doctor’s office of course. While everyone does their best to prevent one patient from catching something from another, it is always possible, especially in crowded waiting rooms. By staying home, you get the care you need while avoiding the risk of exposure and the chance that you will pass your illness on to someone else.

Better Health

When you are able to see your doctor as often as you need to, without the challenges of getting into the office, you can practice better management of your medication, lifestyle, and any chronic conditions you might have.

Eliminate elder care issues

Many of us have the responsibility for caring for older adults. Finding alternative solutions to assist them with their care so that they can see the doctor can be difficult. Fortunately, virtual visits solve this challenge by allowing them to see their doctor while you are upholding your family responsibilities.

We offer the convenience and cost effectiveness of virtual visits. Always Best Care is ready to make life a little bit easier for you. If you like the idea of seeing your doctor over a video conference, and need help setting up the call, we are here to meet your needs.

Virtual visits are not intended to address a health issue that may need a hands-on exam, lab tests, X-ray, or an emergency medical need.