Helping Your Aging Parent with Spring Cleaning

Clutter in your senior’s home is not good for anyone. You might be frustrated with your parent for keeping so many boxes stored in the closet or items strewn across the floor. Your kids might want to play with those toys that are stored up in the attic. Your parent might be stressed out by all the debris lying around that’s cluttering up their living space. That’s why it’s best to use the beginning of springtime to get some spring cleaning done. If your senior is like most people receiving home care in Palm Desert, then it’s probably been quite a while since his or her home has had a deep clean. In order for your loved one to be living in a healthy and clean environment, this cleaning process needs to happen as soon as possible. You can begin by organizing a time with friends and family members to thoroughly clean your senior’s home.

Prepare to Throw a Lot of Things Away

Your senior might not want to hear this, but it’s important that everyone involved is ready to throw some items away. There are going to be items that are simply of no use anymore and shouldn’t be kept lying around. Have aopen and respectful conversation with your senior about throwing away these items, some of which they may have a strong attachment to. Be sure to bring along plenty of trash bags to throw things away in.

Turn on the AC or Open Up the Windows

Your senior might have a super stuffy home that hasn’t felt a nice breeze go through it yet this season. Be sure to turn on that AC or open those windows wide if you want to be comfortable during the whole cleaning process. This will ensure that the rooms you’re working in aren’t too hot and will also bring some freshness into your senior’s home.

Make Separate Piles for Items Based on What Should be Done with Them

Make sure to stay organized by creating separate piles for the various items you find and designate whether you plan to donate, throw away, or store them. This will help ensure that nothing gets lost during the cleaning process or that nothing you want to get rid of is kept.