Meet the Team

Bonnie & Neil Zwack

President & Vice President

Neil and I were born and raised in the Minneapolis area and lived there until we moved to the desert 18 years ago to retire. Because Neil had owned his own business and I had worked for 20 years as a real estate closer, we both had part-time jobs to “keep us occupied”. While living in our retirement community, I witnessed my friends and neighbors struggling with options for one or both of their parents as they aged and could not be left alone. Neil and I also witnessed the shameful care that our grandparents endured in the “nursing home” system years ago. My desire to make a difference and to be able to help families navigate the system, led us to Always Best Care. After 8 years of devoting my life to our seniors, I believe that I was “led” to this calling. I no longer consider this a job, it is my vocation. Knowing that I have given families peace of mind by offering my time, my passion and my support comes back to me two-fold and I truly love what I do!

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Brittany Holm

Client Services Director

I am a mother, a student and a worker bee. My name is Brittany Holm and I am the client services director here at Always Best Care Desert Cities. My main role here at ABC is to do the staffing and scheduling of caregivers as well as connect with our clients to provide them with the best experience we can offer. One of my most favorite roles I perform here at ABC is creating caregiver incentive programs that keep us the most unique home care agency in our valley! I started caregiving when I was 17 years old for a company that served those with development disabilities. From there I went to work with seniors and have been in the field ever since. I earned an AA in Social/Behavioral Science and an AA in Mathematics from Santa Monica College. I currently attend Cal Baptist University where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and am studying for my Master’s in Public Administration.

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Brett Shepard

Community Liaison

Hello everyone, my name is Brett Shepard I have lived in the Coachella Valley my entire life with the exception of attending the University of Arizona. Upon my return to the Valley I tried my hand in a couple of different industries from the casino industry to medical staffing where I came across what I believe to be my calling. My position here at Always Best Care is a community Liaison, meaning I am the connection from this company to dozens of facilities, country clubs, and everyday places that our residents of this great town frequent. I am a firm believer in the simple fact the truth builds trust and the truth of it is, we have salt of the earth owners, an amazing staff and the backbone of our company our caregivers are like none others. I strive every day to educate and inform the Coachella valley on our service and what we can do to simplify yours and your loved one’s life.

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Katie Reichle

Office Administrator

Hello everyone, my name is Katie Reichle. I am the office administrator at ABC. I was born and raised in Palm Springs California. Last Spring, I graduated from College of the Desert with my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. This coming Fall I will be attending California State University of San Bernardino at the Palm Desert Campus while furthering my education and earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing and Management. I recently just bought a puppy, Levi, who’s the sweetest Golden Retriever a gal could ever have. Working for Always Best Care has truly opened my eyes to a new light. I love being able to assist others in their career search as caregivers, and enjoy offering as much help as I can within the office for our clients. Some individuals may think of our seniors as forgotten generations when they’re the most important asset we have to offer the community. I’m extremely thankful to be part of a team that’s able to work together and help others who need it … Always.

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Taylor Legan

Administrative Assistant

Hello everyone, my name is Taylor Legan. I was born in Palm Springs California and have lived in Rancho Mirage ever since. I am one of the Administrative Assistants for Always Best Care Desert Cities. Within the office I tackle various tasks from hiring caregivers to providing assistance to every member of the office. Currently I am enrolled in the Nursing Program at California State University San Bernardino Palm Desert Campus to earn my Bachelor’s Degree. It is fulfilling to know that I work for a company who has such compassion for our senior population. Being able to maintain a position within a company that offers purpose and value to everyone involved makes work rewarding.

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Hi, I am Madie and I am the guard dog here at Always Best Care. My birthday is October 3rd and I am a Libra. I like long walks and treats. You can expect to visit the office and see me basking in the sun near the front window or sleeping on the guest chairs.