Simple Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

In the face of COVID-19, gyms and fitness centers are among some of the last businesses that are allowed to reopen. That means that the usual exercise classes older adults may have been attending have likely been cancelled, suspended, or moved online. But just because you can’t physically go to the gym or recreation center … Continue reading Simple Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

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Exploring the Joys of Aging

As kids, we often yearn for the day that we’re old enough to drive, to vote, to get a job, to buy a house, to do countless other things. Then, as we get older, we sometimes wish we had the innocence and carefree days of youth. Every age has its pros and cons. There can … Continue reading Exploring the Joys of Aging

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Heat Stress in Older Adults

Pouring a glass of water

Older adults (that is, people aged 65 years and older) are more prone to heat stress than younger people for several reason

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Practicing Self-Care for Caregivers

Always Best Care Caregivers

Caring for aging parents can be a rewarding yet time-consuming and stressful job. You want to ensure that they are receiving the best care possible, they are safe, and their needs are met, yet you must still balance your own life, family, career, and needs at the same time. There are only so many hours … Continue reading Practicing Self-Care for Caregivers

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Incorporating More Fruits & Vegetables into Your Diet

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is a key part of good health, especially for seniors. Replacing processed foods with fresh options ensures that you’re receiving more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Summer is a wonderful time to find fresh produce of all colors or try your hand at growing your own. September is “Fruits & Veggies … Continue reading Incorporating More Fruits & Vegetables into Your Diet

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