Unlocking the Keys to Healthy Aging with Non Medical Senior Care

Unlocking the Keys to Healthy Aging with Non Medical Senior Care

In 2010, the Journal of Aging and Health published a seminal article outlining the top 10 keys to healthy aging (Newman et al., 2010).

Today’s post takes a closer look at the research to show you how Always Best care Scottsdale’s non medical senior care service promotes successful aging in place. Read on to learn how to unlock the keys to healthy aging for older adults, and find out whether our non medical senior care service is right for you!

  • Non medical senior care improves medical care frequency. Newman et al. (2010) associate regular blood glucose and systolic blood pressure tests, cancer screenings, immunizations, and LDL cholesterol check-ups with healthy aging outcomes.

    Thus, 5 out of 10 of the “keys to healthy aging” published in the Journal of Aging and Health boil down to improved patient-physician relations and care upkeep. In other words, taking the time and making the effort to schedule those important check-ups.

    And yet, while the need for medical care increases as we age, many older adults struggle to maintain close connections with their physicians. Some lack access to reliable transportation; others don’t feel safe venturing out on their own. For many Scottdale, Arizona seniors, their only chance comes when family or friends come to visit.

    Always Best Care Scottsdale can help. There are a number of ways that our non medical senior care service can improve patient-physician relations and medical care frequency for your loved one. As part of our non medical senior care service, we can schedule appointments, provide safe transportation, and sit in with your loved one during consultations to help retain important information for your review. In this way, we eliminate all the hassle of medical care upkeep, and optimize your loved one’s relationship with their primary care provider.

  • Non medical senior care supports older adults’ smoking cessation. Coming in at #6 in their list, Newman et al. (2010) name “no smoking” as a major key to healthy aging. It’s not an earth-shattering revelation–we already know that senior smoking causes all kinds of health issues, from muscle deterioration to cardiovascular disease–but it’s a valuable reminder nonetheless.

    Non medical senior care workers will support your loved one’s efforts to quit smoking in a variety of ways. In addition to providing constant encouragement and emotional support, we can keep your loved ones occupied when cravings start to set in. We can also monitor their quitting efforts to provide some added accountability, and provide transportation to purchase any products or services to help.

  • Non medical senior care helps older adults meet weekly exercise goals. The Journal of Aging and Health recommends that older adults achieve a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate activity each week.

    But many seniors in Scottsdale, Arizona fail to meet these recommendations–and not for a lack of trying. Many older adults want to get outside and move, but they’re limited by mobility issues and safety concerns.

    Whether your loved one needs extra motivation or a hiking buddy to keep them safe and comfortable, our non medical senior care team can help. Though we are not personal trainers, we can provide all the same motivation, accountability, and safety monitoring as your loved one pursues their preferred form of exercise.

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Newman, A. B., Bayles, C. M., Milas, C. N., McTigue, K., Williams, K., Robare, J. F., & Kuller, L. H. (2010). The 10 keys to healthy aging: findings from an innovative prevention program in the community. Journal of Aging and Health, 22(5), 547-566.

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