Home Care Assistance Keeps Scottsdale, Arizona Families Healthy and Happy

Home Care Assistance Keeps Scottsdale, Arizona Families Healthy and Happy

If you’re currently providing care for an aging spouse or parent in Scottsdale, Arizona, today’s post is for you!

Read on to learn how our senior home care assistance service improves the health and happiness of older adults and informal caregivers alike.

Home Care Assistance Eliminates the Risk of Caregiver Burnout

Caring for a loved one can be extremely rewarding. In a seminal study, researchers at the Journal of Family and Economic Issues foregrounded several benefits associated with informal caregiving, including “satisfaction, increased knowledge about self and about aging, greater sense of mastery and self-confidence, closer relationships with those for whom they are caring, improved personal life and well-being, and increased tolerance for and understanding of others” (Fast et al., 1999, p. 306).

But when informal caregiving becomes a full-time job, the burden starts to outweigh the benefits. Trying to balance 24/7 care duties with family and career obligations can quickly lead to burnout.

Caregiver burnout comes at a serious cost to you and your loved ones. Overworked informal elder care providers typically experience the following (Fast et al., 1999, p. 310):

  • Emotional costs. Survey responses indicate that informal caregivers often experience resentment over their loss of independence and control; psychological stress; feelings of guilt, anxiety, and burden; and lower life satisfaction ratings. These feelings typically intensify over time as caregiving demands increase.
  • Physical costs. Up to one third of informal home care assistance providers report that their caregiving responsibilities involve physical strain. Overworked informal caregivers experience disproportionately high levels of sprains, fractures, disrupted sleep patterns, and chronic pain than the general population.
  • Social costs. The 24/7 demands of informal care decrease the amount of time caregivers have to spend with family members. Caregivers also have fewer opportunities for socialization and face more barriers trying to maintain relationships. There is evidence that as many as 66% of all informal caregivers in Scottsdale, Arizona routinely forego social, leisure, and personal development activities in order to fulfil their caregiving responsibilities.

Since 1996, Always Best Care of Scottsdale has been helping families reap the benefits of care while avoiding the dangers of burnout. And now our renowned home care assistance service is available in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Home care assistance plans are customized to fit any care needs, schedule, and budget. Divvy up care duties or entrust them all to us so you can dedicate your time to memory-making instead. Whether you need an hour of respite or a 24/7 live-in care solution, our home care assistance program will accommodate you.

Home Care Assistance Increases Senior Satisfaction 

It’s a common misconception that informal care is superior to professional home care assistance. According to the Journal of Family and Economic Issues, “the care provided by informal caregivers is believed to be of better quality than care provided by formal caregivers due to the affectionate and obligatory ties between elders and their informal caregivers” (Fast et al., 1999, p. 302). Simply put, we assume that our love for our aging parents increases the quality of care we provide.

In reality, this isn’t the case. Not only do informal caregivers lack the skills of home care assistance professionals, but aging parents often prefer formal care because they feel guilty burdening loved ones. Ultimately, research showed that seniors receiving formal care tended to have higher life satisfaction than those receiving informal care.

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Fast, J. E., Williamson, D. L., & Keating, N. C. (1999). The hidden costs of informal elder care. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 20(3), 301-326.

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