Effortlessly Move Aging Parents with Senior Care in Scottsdale

Effortlessly Move Aging Parents with Senior Care in Scottsdale

Today’s post explains how our senior care service takes the stress out of moving for older adults in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Relocating Seniors Can Be Difficult and Dangerous Without Senior Care

Moving isn’t easy for anyone. It’s never just a matter of packing up physical objects. Leaving the comforts of your longtime home behind can feel like a jump with no safety net. And it’s always tough saying goodbye to a place where so many family memories were made.

Moving can be even harder for seniors who have spent years in the same home. Moves are also physically demanding, requiring a lot of cleaning, organizing, and packing that can be challenging for older adults

Consequently, many people put off moving their parents into senior-friendly housing. But putting off the inevitable only makes things worse.

In many cases, that means suffering an injury. A 2010 study by the Journal of Applied Gerontology showed that falls were predictive of housing relocation, as more than 50% of fall victims went on to move within the next 2 years. In other words, most seniors move only after suffering a major injury or other “events indicative of a trajectory of deteriorating health” (p. 231).

Waiting too long also increases the risk of transitional traumas associated with elderly relocations. There is plenty of evidence suggesting that improper relocations can be detrimental to health. “Relocation stress syndrome” is defined in the literature as a state in which an individual experiences physiological disturbances and/or psychological disturbances as a result of a transfer from one environment to another (Walker et al., 2007). Several studies have linked relocation stress syndrome with increased rates of mortality, physiological decline, psychological distress, and depression.

Of course, not all moves have to be bad. In a meta-analysis of senior care research for the Medical Care Research and Review journal, Castle (2001) found plenty of studies have “identified positive effects associated with the relocation of the elderly” (p. 294). And it’s not hard to imagine why. A fresh start in a comfortable, clean, and accessible home, perhaps while surrounded by like-minded community members to socialize with, sounds great!

One of the primary goals of our senior care service is to help you focus on the good in your move, and in your life, by offering support and respite to you and your loved one.

Make Senior Moves Effortless With Scottsdale Senior Care

Always Best Care Scottsdale simplifies the moving process in a number of ways:

  • Help you find assisted living placement. Having worked with the Scottsdale senior care community for a number of years now, our team has developed a large professional network of senior care resources. As part of our free assisted living placement service, we can draw from this local network to match you with a provider that fits your unique needs, preferences, and budget.
  • Assist with pre-packing organization and decluttering. All of our senior care services include basic housekeeping, decluttering, and help with household organization that can save you plenty of time as you prepare for the big day.
  • Assist with packing. Let our senior care team pack so your loved one doesn’t have to. They can monitor the whole process and make sure nothing’s left behind without having to lift a finger.

  • Take over senior care duties, add hours to your day. Coordinating a move is stressful enough without having to worry about your loved one’s senior care. So let us handle it while you worry about the rest. We offer a comprehensive set of senior care services that can be completely customized based on your needs.

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