4 Steps to Find the Best Non Medical Home Care Options for Aging Parents

4 Steps to Find the Best Non Medical Home Care Options for Aging Parents

In an article titled “Identifying the Best In-Home Care Options for You,” AARP researchers shared a simple 4-step evaluation process that families could use to find the best non medical home care for their aging parents.

Today’s post overviews this evaluation process, and shows how all 4 steps lead to to Always Best Care Scottsdale.

Step #1 → Determine What you Need Help With

Everybody has different care needs, and there are many different kinds of non medical home care in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Ask your aging parent or loved one for specifics, but don’t stop there. Spend a day together and observe–some people are too proud to admit they need help. Try to get involved with their doctors. And don’t forget your own needs–do you need a few hours of respite each week, or a full-time care solution?

Step #2 → Assess Your Budget

Non medical home care costs can vary. Before you begin your search, it’s important to know how much money you have to spend.

Don’t worry if your assessment yields less than you’d hoped. We create custom non medical home care plans designed to fit your budget. Be honest with yourself and stick within your limits.

Step #3 → Determine Your Loved One’s Comfort Level

“Once you have determined the level of and need and frequency of in-home care, it is important to come to a consensus with your loved on the kind of caregiver that best fits your situation,” states the AARP.

Make sure they understand the role that the caregiver will play in their day-to-day life, and give your aging parents a chance to voice any concerns about receiving help from someone outside the family

Step #4 → Start Evaluating Non Medical Home Care in Scottsdale, Arizona

The final step in the AARP guide to identifying the best in non medical home care options is to start looking at specific companies near you. They recommend considering the following to narrow down your list of finalists:

  1. “How does the non medical company assess your needs, and how are you matched with a caregiver?”During the free care consultation, Always Best Care Scottsdale representatives work with you to learn about your loved one’s specific needs, preferences, and budget. This is where your individualized care plan is conceived, and where we begin caregiver matchmaking, which continues until your loved one is satisfied. Our team is constantly evaluating caregiver performance and client feedback to ensure all needs are met.
  2. “How does the company vet their caregivers?”The AARP warns that “there is no national standard background check requirement in place for in-home care workers.” Always ask about the provider’s vetting process.Always Best Care Scottsdale is committed to hiring only the best. We ensure that all of our caregivers are qualified, compassionate, and trustworthy with an extensive vetting process that includes: criminal background checks, drug screenings, complete review of all references, thorough vetting via multiple interviews, comprehensive initial and ongoing training, and regular performance reviews. Additionally, we guarantee that all caregivers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.
  3. Is the caregiver an employee of the company?”All caregivers at Always Best Care Scottsdale are hand-picked employees who have undergone extensive in-house training that meets exacting national standards. We never entrust your loved ones care to subcontractors.

Are you ready to evaluate our non medical home care company?

Fill out the contact form on our website or call 262-721-0765 to book a free care consultation with our team where we can begin discussing your loved one’s care needs.

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