Why Seniors are at the Higher Risk of Pneumonia in Colder Months?

Do you know pneumonia killed over 50,000 people in 2014? Do you know that seniors are at a higher risk of pneumonia? It is one of the major causes of deathsin elders (those aged 65 or older). Many people do not know why elders are at a higher risk of this infection. Well, here are the reasons that can increase the risk for your elderly family member.

Poor immunity– With age, the immune system weakens. Moreover, with poor immunity, there are higher chances of elders catching this lung infection. Their immune system might not be able to fight off infections, which puts them at a greater risk. You should know that pneumonia could be fatal if not treated on time.

Long term or chronic diseases– Medical conditions,like cancer, asthmaand diabetes can affect your elderly loved one’s immunity this winter season. Such diseases can increase their risk of catching infections like pneumonia. Those with a lung condition like COPD are at a higher risk than normal.

Regular visits to healthcare centers – Regularly visiting hospitals, doctors’ clinics, nursing homes etc., increases the risk of this infection for your senior, as it is contagious.

Lack of awareness about this lung infection can also increase the risk for your elderly loved one, as they might not know what they have to do to protect themselves. To ensure your senior’s safety and assistance for them in daily living, hire home health care providers in Birmingham. Caregivers can drive your elder to vaccination appointments, accompany them to walks, manage their meals etc., and protect them from pneumonia.

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