Top 3 Low-Impact Exercises For Your Loved One

Are you worried about your senior family member’s overall health? Well, physical activity is important for the people of all ages. But, when talking about seniors, exercising regularly is important for their good physical as well as mental health. But, what are the best forms of exercises for older adults? Here are top three low-impact exercises that your loved one should try.

  • Water aerobics – It is a great form of low-impact exercises that not only help in reducing the arthritis pain but also improves the body balance.
  • Yoga – Yoga has a number of health benefits. It increases the body’s flexibility and also improves the balance. In addition, performing yoga regularly can also help your loved one lose and maintain a healthy body weight. However, if you want your senior family member to try yoga, make sure to consult the doctor to know how to get started.
  • Tai-Chi – Tai-Chi is a popular low-impact exercise that is very beneficial for the older adults. It can help your senior family member maintain their strength, flexibility, and body balance.

However, before beginning with an exercise routine, it is always suggested to consult the doctor to know whether your loved one is fit and healthy to perform the exercises. Apart from this, seniors may need someone who can encourage them to exercise daily and also accompany them to ensure their safety. If you have no time due to other responsibilities, consider hiring an experienced caregiver. An in-home care provider will ensure that your loved one follows a fixed exercise routine and spend their twilight years peacefully.

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