Can Regular Exercise Help Prevent Senior Depression?

Depression in seniors is very common and it can affect their physical as well as mental health. Studies show that over 75 million people in the US that are 65 or older suffer from depression. This disease can have a serious negative impact on your aging loved one’s health and their quality of life. In addition, depression can give rise to other health problems, like high blood pressure, sleep problems, weight loss, and more.

How can you prevent senior depression? There are a number of ways that you can help reduce the risk of stress and depression among seniors. First, you encourage your aging loved one to stay socially connected and engaged with the outside world. This will not only reduce depression, but also help them maintain an active social life.

Regular exercising is another good way to reduce depression. Encourage your senior family member to join a senior fitness club or an exercise program. Apart from staying physically fit and active, it will also provide seniors the chance to engage and socialize with people of a similar age and interest.

The best exercises for older adults

There are many exercises that will keep your senior family member fit and even help improve their mood. Just some of them are mentioned below.

  • Brisk walk –This is one of the best physical activities for older adults as it is gentle on their body and gets them outside. Encourage your loved one to take brisk daily walks, either in morning or evening. You can also accompany your senior family member for regular walks to ensure their safety and keep them company.
  • Water aerobics – Water exercises can benefit seniors in several ways. It improves strength training and reduces the risk of injury. In addition, if your aging loved one has arthritis, water aerobics is the best form of exercise for them as it puts the least amount of stress on their arthritic joints.
  • Yoga – Yoga can greatly help in reducing stress and depression among seniors. However, if your loved one is new to yoga, you should make sure someone always accompanies them to ensure their form for each position is correct. If you do not know yoga or do not have the time for whatever reason, consider hiring an experienced care provider.

An in-home caregiver will look after your loved one’s safety and encourage them to follow a regular exercise routine. Senior care organizations like Always Best Care provide quality in home senior care services in Birmingham.

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