There are two specific types of VA disability programs...

Service Connected Compensation
This program compensates veterans for their theoretical loss of earnings based on injuries or disabilities incurred as a direct result of active duty military service or from a pre-existing medical condition aggravated by active duty. Disabilities are rated between 0-100% depending on the degree to which ability to work is impacted. Any period of military service is acceptable and there are no financial eligibility requirements.

Non - Service Connected Pension
This important program covers disabilities that have no relationship whatsoever to active duty military service. However, the veteran must have had qualifying active duty military service with a minimum of one day during a period of war or conflict. Pension is also based on financial need; however, in many cases all unreimbursed, regular, prospective medical expenses (including in-home care and residential care costs) are deductible from income when determining income and need. Qualified veterans must be over the age of 65 and/or unable to hold "substantially gainful employment.”

Other Important Benefits

Assistance for Surviving Spouses
Both the Service Connected Compensation and Non-Service Pension Programs have provisions for assisting the un-remarried surviving spouses of qualified veterans.

Special Monthly Benefits
Special monthly benefits for veterans or qualified spouses who are housebound or in the need of the regular Aid & Attendance of another person due to their disabilities may also qualify for awards in addition to the basic Service Connected Compensation or Non-Service Pension Programs.

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