At Always Best Care, we not only provide outstanding care for veterans, we also help them obtain the funds to pay for the care they need.

Many Always Best Care offices have established relationships with law firms, paralegals and others who can help guide veterans through the maze of obtaining VA benefits. On a national basis, Always Best Care has also established a partnership with the Center for Elder Veterans Rights (CFEVR), a Tennessee-based law firm, to assist veterans throughout the country.

A unique benefit of the Always Best Care Veterans Assistance Program program is a 100% guarantee offered to Always Best Care and its veteran clients by the CFEVR.

If a veteran is denied VA benefits after the Center has completed a Pre-Filing Consultation review and provided an opinion of apparent eligibility, CFEVR will reimburse* the veteran for the cost of care paid to Always Best Care (up to the amount that would have been paid by VA benefits), and they will also reimburse either Always Best Care or the veteran for any costs of legal fees incurred for the Pre-Filing Consultation.

For more information about our Veterans Assistance Program, or for a no obligation free care consultation, please call toll-free 1-855-520-CARE or click here.

* The guarantee is valid provided the information presented by clients to CFEVR is not incomplete, false or misleading.


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