Here’s what our clients say about us …

Dear John,

I just wanted to say thanks for all the help your company has given me.


Especially Felicia.


She truly is an angel sent from heaven. I had absolutely no idea where to start looking for an assisted living facility for our 91 year old aunt. I had contacted your company to look into in home care but our family got together and decided that she needed more. When I contacted Felicia, she informed me that she could help with placement into an assisted living facility.


God bless her, she went above and beyond anything I could have asked. She set up a tour at Harrison House in Coatesville and met us there the day of the tour. She was there through the whole tour and sat in with us during the meeting with the administrator while we went over financial options. Her input was invaluable. Her sincere concern for my aunt and for what we were going through touched our hearts more than you will ever know.


I contacted "A Place For Mom" and they sent me on a couple tours but they are national and I didn't feel like they had the first hand knowledge that Felicia had. Her "been there, seen that" approach was just what I needed.


She knew Harrison House inside and out.


She and Jean, the administrator, worked side by side to help us get our aunt into this loving place. It has been a real experience touring facilities in our area and seeing what they have to offer and what they charge. I would never have gotten through the process if it hadn't been for Felicia.


I found out that there truly are sincerely caring people in this world.


God knows, I've met one of them.


Please extend to Felicia my families heartfelt gratitude for everything she did for us in this trying time.