Senior Care in Pembroke FL

Home Care for Seniors near Pembroke, FL

The sunlit state of Florida is home to a significant number of seniors. Statistics suggest that around a third of the small community around Pembroke is aged 55 or older. People retire here for the soft sand and warm weather. Many communities supply field trips, art classes, or hospice services, but your parent might not live in an assisted living apartment where those amenities are available. Lots of senior citizens still maintain their own homes or apartments. So, what if mom or dad needs help but does not want to leave home?

Fear of Falling

This is when the adult children sit down with their parents and work out a plan for their loved ones later years. Financially, home care is the cheapest way to look after aging parents if they cannot manage certain chores and you are unable to be there regularly. Typically, demanding chores are cleaning, shopping, and bathing. The last one is particularly tricky because the older you get, the greater risk there is of losing your balance or slipping. About half a million hospital admissions in the USA are attributed to injuries caused by falling. Once an elderly person becomes afraid of falling, she will often stop taking part in her usual activities. Fear changes her behavior and reduces her quality of life because she knows a fall could end her independence completely.

Removing the Fear and Loneliness

A non-medical Pembroke senior care aid comes to a client's home and offers support. Her job is to help mom or dad maintain mental and physical fitness in the home, to help prevent injury, and/or to provide companionship. Some clients hire a care aid just to assist with bathing.

Many arrangements take place at breakfast, especially if an elderly person is alone and has to take medication. A breakfast meeting gives the care worker and elderly person a chance to chat while ensuring the client takes her medication and eats a healthy meal at least once that day. With food in her stomach, the client is energized and mentally alert to make good choices for her own safety throughout the rest of the day.

Home Care Pembroke Fl

At Always Best Care, we feel strongly that seniors can maintain their independence and enjoy life for as long as possible with the help of qualified home care assistance. Call us to talk about financing and options. We hire only trained, caring professionals to serve the needs of our clients, whether that means driving them to medical appointments or drinking tea together while looking through old photo albums. Let Always Best Care help you set up a plan for your loved senior to enhance his or her golden years.