Senior Care in Hallandale FL

Home Care for Seniors in Hallandale Florida

Florida is a well-known haven for people over the age of 65. They come across America and even Canada to spend winters here or move to the sunshine state permanently. Hallandale and the Pembroke area generally are ideal places to retire with warm weather and sandy, relaxing beaches. Many senior communities are already well established, so newcomers will feel right at home.

Hallandale Seniors Seeking Care in the Home

Inevitably, as older people start to lose their eyesight, mobility, or mental faculties, dementia and Alzheimer's put a strain on the healthy spouse who is caring for their loved one. Since many Florida parents have moved far from their children and neighbors are aged as well, care services are often required for these individuals. Moving into a facility is one option, but statistics show that seniors fare much better when they live at home as long as they can, or as long as their spouses can reasonably care for them. A great alternative is to arrange home care.

What is Home Care?

If you want to live at home and your spouse needs a break occasionally, home care aids take over certain jobs. Bathing is one potentially dangerous activity, since the risk of slipping is high, and seniors are likely to wind up in full-time care following a fall-related injury. With the assistance of a trained support worker, this can be a safe and relaxing time.

Home care workers help seniors manage bills, write emails, and read letters. They even just sit and listen to stories about a client's life and enjoy old music together. A care aid might drive her client to the shops or even go inside, push the cart, and lift groceries. At home, she unloads them, checks for old food in the cupboards and refrigerator, and makes a meal. A caregiver can help with pet care, allowing a senior to keep a beloved pet.

Alzheimer's and Home Care

A staggering number of Americans suffers from Alzheimer's: millions of men and women are diagnosed with this affliction. They can often still live at home if a support person comes in regularly. She sees the client safely out of bed, makes sure she eats and takes important medication, provides mental stimulation through card games and conversation, and takes her to appointments. At the end of the day, this non-medical support person tucks her client into bed at night.

Trust Home Care Hallandale FL

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