Tips to Stay Healthy as You Age

Healthy TipsWhether it is right down the street in North Denver or somewhere else around the globe, when a senior’s health begins to fail, a number of different factors play a part. One of the most common factors is lack of nutrition due to poor eating habits. As seniors age, it is key that they receive the right amounts of nutrients and vitamins. That’s easier said than done, but with the tips and helpful reminders below, you or your senior loved one can get on the right track to optimum health sooner than you may think.

Eating Well in Old Age

Many people don’t consider 50 to be old, but the fact is that as we age, particularly after the age of 50, our bodies start to “slow down”. Individuals don’t exercise enough for the number of calories they consume, which leads to weight gain. Taste buds stop detecting subtle flavors in food and they seek out stronger tastes, like extra salt, which is bad for cardio health. Seniors that need to exercise more or eat better may benefit from a family or professional in-home care aide to help prepare meals and exercise lightly with them.

Digestive Problems

Trouble digesting certain foods including milk and wheat frequently begin or worsen, as we get older. Having difficulty digesting anything, including fatty foods, is typical of most people who are 60 and older. One's diet should be packed full of high-fiber foods like oats, pears, blueberries, and vegetables. The addition of a fiber supplement like Metamucil can also help provide fiber to stay regular.

Take Supplements

While it’s always great to get vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat, sometimes for seniors those nutrients aren’t enough. Consider an age-appropriate multivitamin. By ingesting more vitamins and staying away from processed sugars and wheat, feelings of bloating, apathy and fogginess may go away.

Senior Care Providers in Lafayette, CO

A senior care agency in Lafayette, CO may be able to provide you with a fully trained home care aide that can help you or your senior eat better and get more exercise, which will help you become healthier and happier. By helping you exercise, formulate a healthy eating plan, become receptive to exercise, you your caregiver will have you well on your way to better health and a more enjoyable quality of life in your golden years.