Always Best Care of Birmingham Testimonials

Testimonial 1

"It is such a benefit to have your services in that area. Thank you so much!"

~Pam Kilcrease LPN, Clinical Coordinator, Home Care Connect, LLC

Testimonial 2

"Dear Tim,

Even though we never met, I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent care my Mother, Mary Britton received from Always Best Care. I truly felt that each caregiver tended to mama as if it were her own mother. They were gentle in their care for her and lovingly gave her the attention she deserved. They sat with her and were attentive to any change. Most importantly, my mother was comfortable with them, and enjoyed their company The Caregivers were also kind and compassionate to my sister and me. In my mothers’ last days they respected the times we just wanted to be with our mother, and were supportive and considerate of that. I came to think of them as family and did not enjoy telling them goodbye. I am comforted in knowing that my mother was getting the best of care with love, respect and tenderness in her last weeks, and that means a lot. With Sincere gratitude,"

~Mary Bowling

Testimonial 3

"Dear Tim,

I am very grateful for all you did to bring about my move to Somerby. You went out of your way to meet with me, negotiate my right space so I could have room for my chapel and used your previous connections to see that I could be able to make the move and live here comfortably. Your extra effort in getting me a good moving company and all the arrangements you made I deeply appreciate." May God bless and reward you. Sincerely in Christ,"

~ Most Reverend David E. Foley, D.D. Bishop Emeritus

Testimonial 4

"Dear Jennifer,

Bart and I wanted to thank you and all the ladies you sent to assist for his recovery! Everyone was so kind and we had so many good laughs to help us get through this difficult time! Everyone was very serious about their responsibilities and committed to Bart's recovery. We enjoyed everyone in our home and we are very grateful for the service you provided. He is doing so well and we attribute a lot of that to the care you all provided! Many Thanks and Best Wishes!"

~Cherry Starr, wife of Bart Starr

Testimonial 5

"Dear Tim,

I am very grateful for all you did to bring about my move to Somerby. You went out of your wat to meetwith me, negotiate my right space so I could have room for my chapel, and usedyour previous connections to see that I could be able to make the move and livehere comfortably. Your extra effort in getting me agood moving company and all the arrangements you made I deeply appreciate."

May God bless and reward you.

Sincerely in Christ
Most Reverend David E. Foley, D.D.
Bishop Emeritus

Testimonial 6

"Dear Tim,

I know that we have talked on the phone, but I really appreciate your help in finding the right sitters for my mother. She was pleased with all of them and they loved her as well. You truly have a gift at what you are doing, and I hope all goes well at Always Best Care. Many thanks for your call, and I really appreciate everything you did for me and my mother. I hope you have a nice summer"

Nan White

Testimonial 7

“Thank you so much for the in-home assistance that you are providing to my mom. We have found your caregivers to be caring, kind and accommodating. My mother is very pleased with her caregivers and has developed a special bond with each one. It is a big relief to me to know that my mother is receiving excellent and dependable care. Thank you and Always Best Care for all that you do.”

~Dave Phillips

Testimonial 8

"Jennifer, I have enjoyed having Lessie visit and care for me. She is always pleasant and good company to have around. I look forward to her visits. I would recommend Always Best Care to friends. Thanks"

~Herb Yates

Testimonial 8

"Jennifer, we were very pleased with Darling Webber. She did an excellent job. My mother seemed happy to have her there."

~Glen Peterson

Testimonial 10

"Jeannie is extremely capable, and treats and cares for Alice like she's own
family. She is thorough and firm, yet gentle and respectful. She is
also good about keeping me informed about things that transpire during
the day while she is providing care in my absence, which helps me feel a
level of comfort that Alice is being well cared for. "

~Thanks, Kemper Sarrett

Testimonial 11

"I wanted to let you know that Carolyn Ross was a great care taker for my
patient. The patient had a laser procedure which involved some
anesthesia and detailed aftercare. Carolyn was very well trained to
care for her and really helped her with her icing and aftercare
products. My patient was very pleased that she had her so she did not
have to do everything herself being drowsy after anesthesia. We will
definitely call on you again to provide this level of care for future
patients. Thanks again! Sincerely Dr. Seiler"

~Warren B. Seiler III, MD
Owner & Medical Director
Seiler Skin Cosmetic Laser & Aesthetics Center

Testimonial 12

"I would like to express my appreciation for the in-home care you provided
to us after my wife's surgery. We were very pleased with the caregivers
from Always Best Care. They were very helpful during a difficult time.
It was comforting to know that all of the caregivers were Certified Nurses
Aids. We would recommend your services to anyone in search of quality
care for their loved ones. Thanks to your caregivers for their excellent

~Bill Mudd

Testimonial 13

"Ankle is doing great and I'm up and around, running errands, etc.! I can't (again) thank you so much for helping me out and making this happen. I know it was a longer day then Kathy had hoped, but she was a trooper for sure. I'll give you a call again when I have the ACL done!" All the best,

~ Christina Lemucchi

Testimonial 14

"Again, thank you for everything ABC has done for us. My sister and I are very grateful!"

~ Susan Ward

Testimonial 15

"She seems to be doing well. Some days are better than others but for the most part she is doing good. Thanks for all you and your staff does. It's a big help knowing she has a person coming by to help her."

~ Thomas Joy

Testimonial 16

“Everything is great...We love Andrea! She is such a blessing to mother...very easy going and has tremendous patience with her! I consider Andrea my “sister" that I never had, and since I'm the only child, it's a comfort knowing that mother and daddy are being well taken care of! I guess you know mother broke her foot about 6 weeks ago and is in a walking boot...hopefully she will get it off next week. Other than that, we are as good as can be! Blessed!”

~ Linda Drake

Testimonial 17

“I am just writing to thank ABC for the wonderful care that they gave to my dad. He was in assisted living and needed additional care due to dementia and the sitters were so kind to him and he enjoyed their company. I liked that there was consistency in the sitters that came and he was able to get to know them and had a relationship with them. He became comfortable with them because the same few came all the time. We never had to worry that someone would not show because Tim made sure all the days were covered as he had 24/7 care. When my father became too ill to get out of bed, the sitters were wonderful to make sure he was clean and comfortable even when he could no longer verbally express his needs. I would pop by all the time unannounced and I was never disappointed in what I encountered. Several times when I would come by, the sitter would be sitting on the bed reading to him or singing to him even though he was unresponsive for the most part. I know he could hear them and that meant so much to me. As a working person who could not be there all the time, I felt so comfortable that they were there. His main sitter even came to his funeral! I cannot say enough good things about ABC. Tim and his staff are aces!!!!”

~Vicki Morgan

Testimonial 18

"Thanks so much. You and your employees have been fantastic, and it is greatly appreciated..."

~Charles Collins

Testimonial 19

"Hi, I just wanted to let y'all know that Latoya was fantastic last week. She jumped in and replaced our regular sitter who was sick like she had always been there and knew what to do. It was very comforting having such a capable replacement to care for Mamma/Oma. Thank you!"

~Dorothy Smith

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