The Best Tech Tools for Senior Citizens

Given the choice, most seniors want to live independently in their own homes instead of moving into a senior’s community or in with family. Always Best Care provides the best home care available to Miami FL residents to help them maintain their autonomy. These professionals are excellent at providing Miami senior care using state of the art technology for monitoring health and safety.

Tech Tools for Seniors

In recent years, an entirely industry devoted to assisted living has emerged. Many of the common technological solutions are changing public perception of the way the older generation ages and lives independently. Some of the most innovative and useful devices include:

• Paro is the name of a therapeutic seal that can be leased to provide pet therapy for seniors

• Online brain training programs help seniors exercise cognitive abilities and remain mentally active

• Online social networking platforms help seniors stay in touch with friends and family

• A Grandcare System uses monitors to identify and send alerts when there are changes in a senior’s daily movements

• Pill dispensers sound alerts when medications are to be taken, and call family members when they are not taken

• Skin detectors monitor blood glucose levels and send data to a care team

• Small carry along devices will automatically call 911 in emergencies

• Specialty shoes incorporate a GPS unit, which sounds an alert if the wearer leaves a given area

• Large cell phones have oversize numbers specifically designed to provide operator assistance

• Smart clothing is coming soon to monitor various aspects of the wearer’s health and alert a caregiver when necessary

• Fall detection sensors send alerts to a monitoring station

• Smart appliances turn off when they are not in use

Miami senior care services like those provided by Always Best Care are continually searching for new and innovative ways to make daily living for seniors easier and more manageable. If you want to learn more about the best in tech tools for senior citizens, be sure to contact their friendly and helpful staff today. For the best home care Miami FL can provide, you can rely on Always Best Care.

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