Applying for Guardianship of Your Elderly Loved One

When an elderly loved one is no longer able to make sound decisions, someone needs to step in and assist with business and other matters. When the situation is such that the individual may endanger themselves or others, a family member may need to think about applying for guardianship.

Always Best Care recommends that families learn all they can about the process before seeking guardianship, as this is a major legal decision where the competence of the elderly loved one will be scrutinized. However, the goal of guardianship is to protect a vulnerable loved one, and there are several reasons why a family might consider applying for guardianship of an older adult including:

-The family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia that impacts his or her ability to think and make rational decisions.

-The elderly family member may have been a victim of repeated scams and lost large sums of money to unscrupulous persons.

-The elderly family member is addicted to prescription medications or alcohol, or perhaps, continually forgets to take necessary medications.

These are just a few reasons why a family might seek guardianship. However, prior to seeking guardianship a family should also consider Miami senior care options such as those offered by Always Best Care. Always Best offers in home care services that will allow an elderly adult to remain in his or her home while being monitored by a professional caregiver. If care is needed around-the-clock, we can provide it.

Always Best Care provides the home care Miami FL residents need to continue assessing an elderly family member’s status. If it is determined that guardianship should be considered, the staff at Always Best will inform families of the need and point them in the direction of resources to pursue guardianship. At Always Best Care, your family is like our family. You can leave the worrying with us when your senior loved one requires safe and reliable care. Call us today and we will be happy to visit with you and your loved one to assess his or her care needs.

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