Managing Diabetes in the Senior Years

Approximately one in every four people in the United States is diagnosed with diabetes. Although it can occur in younger people, Type 2 diabetes appears most often in the middle aged and those over 60. Developing high blood glucose levels from a lack of insulin or because the body cannot use insulin efficiently means that many people find themselves managing diabetes in their senior years. That is why Always Best Care Brandon FL senior care pays particular attention to looking after diabetic seniors.


Understanding Type 2 Diabetes

The food we eat is broken down into glucose that the body can use as energy. However, the cells in the body need insulin to process the glucose. A person who has a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes either does not use insulin well or does not produce enough. As a result, glucose stays in the blood instead of being used by the body’s cells.

High blood glucose levels can result in serious complications. The condition itself cannot be cured, but it can be managed. Most people with diabetes are able to live long and healthy lives.

Effects of Type 2 Diabetes

Failure to control high blood glucose levels can cause various problems, including foot, kidney, and eye disorders. High blood pressure, strokes, and heart disease are also more common in people with diabetic conditions. Nerve disease from diabetes can cause tingling in the hands and feet, and can lead to sexual problems in both women and men.

Managing Complications

Seniors who are pre-diabetic or who already have diabetes can learn to live healthy lives. In consultation with a diabetes care team, which could include a doctor and nurse, a dietitian and a pharmacist, seniors can learn to make healthy choices for different kinds of foods, devise strategies to lose weight, and increase activity levels. Sometimes medications are also prescribed to help control complications.


Living with diabetes can be tough at times, with every day presenting unique challenges. Staff members at Always Best Care Brandon FL know that their residents require diligent attention to deal with their diabetic issues. Seniors and their families expect superior service from Brandon FL senior care professionals. For the best home care Brandon can provide, be sure to talk to the caring and competent people at Always Best Care.

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