Fun and Safe Recreational Activities for Seniors

As we age, we are less likely to enjoy the strenuous physical activities that we once loved in times gone by. However, that is no excuse for a senior to mope around at home and consider feeding their goldfish the highlight of their day. Here are a few fun activities for those senior citizens who know that there is life after 60.



There is nothing quite as rewarding as planting your own fruits, vegetables and flowers. If you are looking after an elderly person who enjoys being outdoors, gardening might be something to consider.

Gardening has many benefits, as the fruits and vegetables that grow can be incorporated into their meals. If a senior enjoys looking at flowering plants, he or she will adore the idea of having fresh flowers straight from his or her own garden to brighten up the home.



Being inside all day can make seniors irritable. A change of scenery is an ideal way to uplift their spirits and give them an excuse to enjoy the sunlight, which helps with vitamin D production.

A picnic at the park will allow seniors to socialize with others and may improve their appetite as well. Please be sure to bring adequate amounts of water or juice in the summer months. It would also be a good idea to use sunscreen as well.


Music Concerts

A night out is not always a bad thing. Back in the day, most seniors enjoyed going out on weekends to watch musicians perform. A number of Florida locations host free live concerts on weekends.

Please make sure that the songs are something your senior companion will enjoy. You will want to ask him or her in advance about preferred music genres.

A boring routine could lead your senior companion to decline faster. This is why it would be best to inject some fun routines throughout the week. Please make sure that the activities you choose are not too strenuous for your elderly companion.


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