ABC Asheville - Hendersonville Client Testimonials:

"Dear Jim:

I would like to take a few minutes to let you and your staff know just how much each of you have meant to me and my family.

Let me start by telling you how we became acquainted with your company. My husband and I were leaving for a long-planned trip to Ireland in August, 2014; and a few days before departure, my step-dad had a stroke. Since his son came down to Arden to be with his dad, we decided to continue with our trip. Unfortunately, my step-dad’s son could not remain with our parents. So, my son from Florida came up to Arden to take care of my mother and step-dad until we returned from our trip.

Shortly after my return, I went down to Arden to see how they were doing. It was then that I realized they could not be alone on a regular basis and began searching and researching organizations that provide in-home care. I talked with Dr. Early, my mother and step-dad’s family physician; and he recommended that I talk with your company. After talking with you and obtaining recommendations from friends in the area, I felt that I had found the solution.

I began working with one of your Case Managers, and we soon had a plan in place that worked perfectly for my mother and step-dad. Finding the right care-giver took a little more time; but when my parents were introduced to Danielle, they had their care-giver. Danielle became like a family member, and I no longer had to worry about medical appointments, medications, grocery shopping, and all the other areas of everyday family living that they could no longer handle. Danielle was there, and she stepped in and fulfilled every need that surfaced.

When my step-dad passed away, Danielle stayed with my mother until I could get there. She made sure mother had everything she needed and was cared for until I could arrive. Danielle has always gone above and beyond the call-of-duty.

In closing, Jim, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your entire staff for stepping in and solving a very difficult and stressful situation for my family, as well as me. I want you to know, too, that I would highly recommend Always Best Care to anyone in need of in-home services like those that you provide. As the name of your company suggests, care can’t get any better!!


~Irma Grimm, State College, PA


"Thank you for your excellent service. Your caregivers were wonderful."

~Alice Gilessen, Hendersonville, NC


"I just wanted to send a quick note to Thank you for the care ABC is providing my father. Your team truly provides the Best Care and I am extremely satisfied with ABC. As you know, my father is often not easy to deal with but your team of caregiver’s are very professional, patient and caring and has been wonderful with him. I have noticed a very positive change in my father’s spirit which has been wonderful to see.


Thank you so much for the wonderful work you and your team do."

~ Cheryl Banasik, Asheville, NC

  "Dear Jim:

We would like to express our appreciation and thanks for the in-home care that Always Best Care is providing our parents. You have guided us through this very difficult time and have helped us deal with my mother’s illness and her inability to care for my dad. Your caregivers are very capable and caring, and your staff is competent and thorough. We believe this makes your company invaluable to families with loved ones in need of assistance.

We would recommend Always Best Care to anybody in search of quality care for their loved one. Thank you for all you and your staff do."


~ Linda Carlson, Charlotte, NC

  "Dear Mr. Smeaton,

Thank you so much for the care Always Best Care is providing for my mom. The break you provide me and my family from the daily caregiving tasks we have been doing has been wonderful and has allowed us to spend more QUALITY time with her. It has also been a nice change for mom in that Donna and Linda are new and different people for her. They are both wonderful, caring and compassionate people and we couldn’t be more pleased."

~ Kind Regards, Susan Murphy, Flat Rock, NC


"To Whom It May Concern:

A pretty confusing experience is to be faced with the necessity of finding home-based round-the-clock care for a loved one newly released from the hospital. We were connected to Always Best Care through the Smokey Mountain Rehabilitation Center a few days prior to my father's discharge from that facility. As of today, my father has received 22 weeks of continuous, round-the-clock home care from caregivers provided through Always Best Care. We are quite satisfied with the consistency of care and especially with the responsible and sensitive work ethic of the caregiving staff. Over the weeks of our family experience with Always Best Care, we found that the most important activity is for family members to communicate openly and frequently with the management of Always Best Care concerning the inevitable and unforeseeable changes and problems that crop up in home care. Every time we have asked for assistance with what seems like a problem on our end, we have received a timely and satisfying response from Jim Smeaton, who owns and operates Always Best Care. Having a rotating and changing caregiving staff was an experience we found difficult at first, but as time has gone by, we have found some advantages to having a rotating staff. It prevents burn-out and exhaustion in caregivers and in family members also. It also gives us the opportunity to see my father from the many different perspectives of the people involved in his care. We seem to have learned something new and helpful from every person who cares for my father, so as of now, we believe that Always Best Care has provided my father with a safe, consistently reliable way to remain in his own home following an age-related, serious decline in health."

~ Paula Bakule, Hendersonville, NC


"Dear Jim:
Please find payment for my final balance attached with this letter.

I really appreciate the service that your company, Always Best Care, offered our family and especially the caring loving attitude that Amber and Natalie displayed to Carol at all times. They were outstanding and you should be proud to place them in any situation with the full expectation they will represent your firm in a most professional manner."

Thanks again for all your help.

~ Bill Clontz 



  "Dear Jim:

Thank you so much for helping my Mom with her care in the evenings. Your company was great to deal with and I will recommend you all to anyone I know who needs extra special care. Thank you for all your help."


~ Kelly Husk


Thanks for the kind message. You all have been great. Lindsay was fantastic caring for my husband (and me)! She is a keeper."

~ Margie Marsh




"Dear Jim & Whitney:

I have decided to terminate ABC’s care-giving service effective September 5, 2014. If feasible, I wish to have Kathryn and / or Danielle, continue to Friday, September 5, but only for a single shift from about 4:30 to about 8:30 p.m. As a result of Ann’s death, their work, which was invaluable, is essentially complete. I note that their dedication and concerned treatment of Ann and of the Tyson household was not only meritorious and exemplary, it was magnificent. I thank you both, too, for your sympathetic approach to us. I dislike ending our business association but believe it best for me. If circumstances change and I need help, I know where to come.

A personal note to you, Jim. You run a first-rate organization for which I am eternally grateful. Our meeting at the Laurels of Greentree Ridge was fortuitous to me. I thank you."

Yours most sincerely,

~ Jim Tyson


"Thank you for your kind words. While this is a very emotional time coping with his loss, we are comforted knowing he is no longer in pain and suffering. Dad is in a better place and we are grateful for that. He will be very missed.

I want to reiterate our appreciation for you, April and everyone who assisted with his care. It was a blessing for my dad and our family having your team provide the assistance he needed with compassion, integrity and professionalism. Having never been through this type of situation, I was uneducated as to toll it takes on the patient as well as the family. Thank you for what you gave to my dad, us and continue to provide to so many others. No words can express how appreciative we are. I will be sharing my ABC experience whenever possible." 


~ R. Muncaster