Always Best Care of the Midlands provides a comprehensive resources for seniors in the Midlands of South Carolina. We believe in giving back to our community, and to providing more than our business services to help the people of the Midlands learn how to cope with being elderly. We are constantly adding new resources and content, to check back often for updates.



Nate Rhodes, owner of Always Best Care of the Midlands, is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). The Society of Certified Senior Advisors administers the CSA program to help ensure seniors have a reliable and knowledgeable source for information about many areas. CSAs have been trained in health, financial, legal, societal, and moral matters as they relate to seniors. CSAs are required to pledge their commitment to an ethical code of conduct, and most advice from CSAs is free to seniors.


As a local CSA, Nate Rhodes has worked diligently to learn many aspects of senior life and offers advice and consulting to seniors without charge or obligation. He has a network of experts in all areas, and can call on expertise from many topics, including real estate, reverse mortgages, veterans benefits, long term care insurance, estate planning, funeral arrangements, and many others. Nate actively participates in senior networking events to constantly stay on top of developments related to senior living.



We all need a living will and a healthcare power of attorney for the unlikely event that we become disabled and we need important healthcare decisions made on our behalf. At a time of disability, it is vital that a trusted person is able to carry out your wishes for you heath decisions, and that the instructions are easy to understand and easily located. A living will is a document that states your wishes for important healthcare decisions. A healthcare power of attorney is someone authorized to speak on your behalf when you cannot, such as when you are disabled.


The problem with more living will and healthcare power of attorney forms is they are difficult to understand and are written in awkward legalese. Many people are turned off by the stilted language and, sadly, avoid creating living wills or designating powers of attorney because of the state-provided forms. To address this problem, an organization called Aging With Dignity created a simple solution called the "Five Wishes” document that solves this problem.


The Five Wishes document contains easy-to-understand areas written in plain English that anyone can use. The first section contains the healthcare power of attorney. The second and third wishes provide the living will. And the last two are additional desires about treatment and communication. If you dislike a particular section, you need only cross it out. There are also places to add details about your wishes so it can be customized for your own tastes and wishes. Five Wishes is accepted in 42 states, and South Carolina was recently added to the list.


Always Best Care proudly offers its seminar called "Advanced Directives Made Easy”, and our company covers the cost of the Five Wishes documents for seminar attendees. We also provide notary service for the document, as needed in South Carolina. We even offer lamination of the wallet card. The seminar fully covers use of the Five Wishes document and is designed to make Advanced Directives as easy as possible. Always Best Care can arrange the Five Wishes seminar for you – give us a call to make arrangements.






American Lung Association

American Diabetes Association                                                  

American Heart Association                                        

Center for Disease Control                       

American Geriatrics Society                                                                     


CAREGIVER SITES              

National Family Caregivers Association                             

Caregiver magazine



AARP website                                                                       

Senior lifestyle resources                                                          

Benefits available for seniors                           

References for seniors, caregivers, providers                                 

Housing, law, finances, long term care                               

Eldercare Locator-Connects with aging agencies                

Apply for ADA transportation certification on line


CANCER SITES                      

American Cancer Society

National Coalition on Cancer Survivorship       

Educational programs on oncology-related topics                    

Extensive cancer information & links             

Cancer Information and Services


GOVERNMENT SITES                              

Social Security                   

Resources for Americans with disabilities                         

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services           

Comparison of quality outcomes for hospitals                  

Health & Human Svcs - links to health resources                     

Information on Medicare                              

Official federal, state & local government info                     

Administration on Aging                                   



Offers training tips, equipment & nutrition news                            

American College of Sports Medicine                             

American Council on Exercise             

Arthritis Foundation                

Offers joint mobility exercises                   

National Center on Activity and Disability                    

Exercise videos, CDs etc.                                                          

Exercise handbook from State of Texas



American Dietetic Assoc.                       

Link to nutrition sites                       

Government’s New Food Pyramid               

American Federation for Aging Research         

CDC & NIH sponsored site



One step bathing products                         

Adaptive aids & equipment                        



Physician Desk Reference – Drug information                      

Information on diseases, medication, wellness                        

Public & private resources to assist buying meds                       

Companies that offer drug purchase programs



Guide to senior residences & care options

Senior housing options, retirement, finance, etc                       

Housing options for older adults



Generations United Program     

First Five Commission


INFO FOR PROFESSIONALS                           

American Society on Aging                       

Fall Prevention Information & Links      

Fall Info & Tool Kit


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